What Is Chlorella

Chlorella is a microscopic fresh water single-cell green algae that relies heavily on photosynthesis.  It ideally thrives in high sunlight, high temperature and high nitrate conditions.  It is literally the greenest organism on earth; hence the greenest food on earth.  It is known to have been in existence for over a billion years and was a great source of nutrition for very early multicellular organisms (even our ancestors).  This was a central reason for Life, Not Labs choosing it as our first dietary supplement in an Organic Tablet form.  Basically, when we first became multicellular; we were sponges.  Food flowed through us.  We relied on the nutrients in substances such as algae to survive.  The nutritional composition of chlorella reads as a perfect nutritional breakdown for all human.           

The name “Chlorella” comes from the Greek word Chloros (green) and the Latin word ella (small). German biologist Otto Warburg studied chlorella in the 1930’s for his research on cellular respiration.  Literally no organism on Earth has a higher chlorophyll concentration than chlorella so it makes for an ideal test subject.  By the late 1950’s The Rockefeller Institute and other research centers were studying the feasibility of chlorella possibly solving world hunger due mostly to its fast growth rates and ideal nutritional make up. It is important to note that David Rockefeller, perhaps the person most involved in the research of chlorella to his vast family resources is still alive today at 101.   By the 1960s chlorella was even involved in the space race; with NASA conducting countless experiments testing the capabilities of this miracle super food.  One 1965 Soviet experiment was able to calculate exactly how much chlorella was needed in any given sealed environment to offset the breathing of humans.  A living organism that could create its own breathable air source!                                                           

Chlorella processes biological carbon faster than any plant and is still being extensively researched today to help with issues pertaining to climate change; a super food for Earth just as it is for humans. Our Organic Chlorella Tablets come in a resealable 150cc bottle or, on request, in a lightweight mylar pouch as a tribute to the space program research that helped confirm its amazing qualities.  The original space treat!

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