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Conducting a quick search for “Covid 19 Man-Made” yields a full first page of articles portraying any claims of Sars-Cov-2 having a lab connection as crazy. But anyone who passed junior high biology can not rule out the possibility of a lab having something to do with this pandemic, especially with the incredible geographic coincidences of this outbreak. Top researchers and scientists can argue about genomes and virus backbones for years. Serial passage makes lab origin a strong possibility, regardless of advanced genetic discrepancies. Just as a polio cure was discovered using serial passage to weaken a virus, similar techniques can be used to strengthen one.

Serial passage is a virus attenuation technique developed by Louis Pasteur in the late nineteenth century. It is usually used to create a weakened strain of a virus that will help develop a vaccine for the original one found in nature. It can also be used to increase the strength of a virus for vaccine testing. This process can be done using animals or Petri dishes. The researcher infects a series of host organisms, each time giving the virus time to incubate. The incubated virus is then passed on to a second step host, and so on. The goal is to track the progression of the virus and its mutations.

Simply put, if you are looking find a weakened strain to be used in a vaccine, follow the data indicating strong host health and survival rates as the steps progress. Pasteur did this when he was creating the first rabies vaccine. A strengthened virus can be used as a bio-weapon or cause an epidemic when leaked into the outside world. Serial passage creates accelerated natural selection done in a lab. It is a subset of gain of function research (which was specifically called for in grants given to the Wuhan Institute of Virology) .

This is why the probability of Sars-Cov-2 having a lab link is so high. To have a supercharged virus with so many changes to its DNA that effect transmissibility and virulence means that research (done with the goal of attaining such properties) is far more likely than that of it coming from a wet market or any natural environment. Serial passage takes those natural components and uses all possible factors to lead a virus in a desired direction. Sars-Cov-2 is more infectious in humans than in bats or palm civets (the two animals being studied as possible links to humans getting the virus). The initial Sars outbreaks from the early 2000s were more transmisible in bats. This virus as well as MERS were much less functional than Sars-Cov-2. They burned out.

The leading bio research facility in Asia was conducting thousands of gain of function experiments in the same city it supposedly started. One of the research leaders, Shi Zhengli wrote in 2015

“The potential to prepare for and mitigate future outbreaks must outweigh the risk of creating more dangerous pathogens”

Shi Zhengli had said that she couldn’t sleep for days after the Sars Cov 2 outbreak for fear of it having come from the lab. The Chinese government had given her elevated risk permissions in the months leading up to the first reported case of Covid-19. The Officials at the U.S. embassy in Beijing had warned of safety concerns as early as 2018. The first safety level 4 bioresearch facility in China was being given riskier research capabilities in an already under-secured facility.

They scrubbed their website of massive amounts of data and have kept countless information from investigators. The WHO has basically taken the people with the most to lose at their word for it. Why is there not an open investigation into this? If the WHO does not have a confirmed origin, why is a level 4 lab that specifically created similar viruses not included on the current list of possibilities? The wet market conclusion was foolish and completely ignored scientific data as well as logic.

The danger in serial passage is not only that it can lead to a leak from a lab that is creating it to help vaccine research. It is also a relatively inexpensive technique that can help a terrorist group kill thousands of people. An outbreak can be caused by a botched lab safety in the world’s largest country, or deployed in a developing nation ruled by a psychotic dictator. Transparency overseen by alert citizens creates an open forum. We need sunlight to be shown over the entire situation. Big tech censorship is now an enemy of critical thought. A lab leak will be common knowledge 20 years from now. We need to speed up the process. A 1979 lab anthrax leak was caused by poor ventilation. It wasn’t until after the fall of the USSR that the real cause was revealed. The government falsely blamed it on tainted meat.

“Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry, can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense, with our peaceful missions and goals” Dwight Isenhower, 1961

If the population does not become informed, outbreaks like this will happen again and become deadlier. Society can be permanently destroyed by a handful of people’s negligence or evil intent. Countless rogue governments or terrorist groups can produce viruses using simple, low cost equipment. Sars-Cov-2 has even been recreated multiple times in labs since the outbreak (for research purposes). Whether a virus was genetically modified or strengthened via serial passage, there is a much higher likelihood there being a lab connection than not.

Looking Forward

Even if Sars-Cov-2 has no lab link, laboratories are experimenting with similar pathogens every day. The fact that this lab conducted a massive cover-up is incriminating. The lack of input over the past year is also suspect. How can labs that allocate so much time to viral and vaccine research offer no treatment protocols, prophylaxis or vaccination data to help deal with the pandemic? Wouldn’t they have more info to give hospitals than allowing them to operate in the dark? These labs have been experimenting on and genetically altering similar viruses for over a decade. They must have information that could be helpful in dealing with outbreaks like this.

There also needs to be a non-biased panel created to get answers from all parties involved. Peter Daszak’s name is all over the history of these experiments. His being part of the biased WHO research team is a perfect example of a fox guarding the hen house. It would be a relief in many ways to find out that the virus came entirely from nature. But we need an honest investigation. We need to offer rewards, immunity and protection to any (non-weaponization) researchers with information about what has actually happened. Perhaps a crowd-sourcing page?

These lock down restrictions and closures need to end immediately. The behavior of most western governments over the last year has been the equivalent of negotiating with hostages. If this virus was released as a weapon, world leader have met all of their demands and are letting them know they are still terrified. It also sends a signal to anyone else that this is a perfect way to bring the western world to its knees. The damage this is doing to our countries youth through inadequate education and lack of social interaction could impact our species for the next 100 years. The function of world governments has been control, not safety. The average life expectancy of a nursing home patient is just under two years. These lock downs are ruining the majority of their remaining time on this Earth.

Even though we are in an age of unsurpassed censorship, truth is still on the internet. But if we do not alert elected officials and well meaning leaders in medicine, our thoughts are just a bunch of posts in cyber space.

U.S. House of Representatives/Senate Switchboard (202) 224-3121

Find Congressional Rep Email Using Zip Code-

This is an informative link showing a map of the first covid-19 cases reported in Wuhan. Most of the initial first 25 cases of 2020 were reported in the area of town where both high-level bio labs are located (Figure 12a).

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