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Boston, a sports town if there ever was one, has been experiencing an huge uptick in championships since the early 2000s.  No other city can boast even close to as many championships over this recent stretch; Patriots 5, Red Sox 4, Celtics 1, Bruins 1.  There has been a lot to celebrate.  Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are looking to notch one more championship to the their record run next week.

The Boston Celtics are in the hunt to capture an championship this year as well.  At the center of this team’s production is Kyrie Irving, arguably the most talented player on the Celtic since Larry Bird.  He’s exciting to watch as well.  His ball handling/driving the lane skills are amazing and the Celtics are predicted to at least match their Eastern Conference Finals run of last season. 

Irving has become a vegan over the past few seasons. During the 2017 preseason he told a reporter that he had been following “more of a plant-based diet, getting away from the animals and all that.” He continued  “I had to get away from that. So my energy is up. My body feels amazing.”  In interviews throughout that season Kyrie continued to tell reporters that he was sticking to this vegan diet and had no intentions of abandoning it.  He was able to quickly see the rewards of having a diet rich in alkaline foods, mainly vegetables.  

Zdeno Chara has been playing hockey professionally for a quarter of a century.  The Bruins Captain will turn 42 later this winter and has been talking a lot about the benefits of a plant based diet in recent seasons, both in interviews and on social media.  He’s more than seven years older than anyone else on the roster too, claiming that a switching to a pescatarian diet is a healthy way to extend one’s playing career.  Zdeno says that it only took about three weeks to see the results of his new plant based diet.  Getting rid of pork, chicken, beef and dairy has given him better workouts in the gym and better performance on the ice.  One of his posts on Instagram reads  ‘for every human illness or state, there is a plant which is a cure.’

Tom Brady has gone as far as to write books about his love for a diet consisting of mostly vegetables.  In his book, The TB Method, Brady explains the importance of a high alkaline diet with respect to peak performance and durability.  His book clearly illustrates the need for a green diet as a delivery method of alkaline foods that provide the body with energy and protect it from injury.  His nearly two decade career is a testament to the benefits of healthy eating.  His book which is written with a sound knowledge of health, biology and chemistry; a must read for any young athlete.

All three of these athletes are not only pro veggie but also have championship rings.  Alkaline diets rich in vegetables provide the body with with better nutrition that protect the skeleton from injury and provide higher energy levels.  Our website was set up to help people get high alkaline supplements in an industry where 99% of vitamins are synthetic.  Our Organic Chlorella Tablets are literally the greenest super food on Earth.

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