Trademarking of our new product, “Power Plants”

Life, Not Labs (Woodbourne, New York) is using the name “Power Plants” for its new supplement’ available this month on its website. 

  We have found no other supplement company on the internet using it and will be using it for our first of its kind energy mix that sources all of its protein from non GMO vegetables.  Our mission statement is to bring food nutrition to the market as an option for anyone looking to avoid chemicals and Power Plants is no exception to this rule.  In the past we have also put trademarks on our Life, Not Labs logo (6/2015) and our Catskills Gold beeswax lip balm (9/2016).

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James Quinn

James Quinn at your service, I am the owner operator of Life Not Labs, I started this website over five years ago to give consumers a plant-based alternative in a supplement industry where over 99% of vitamins are synthetic and made in a lab. I've been living in the Catskills Mountains for over 15 years in what I consider to be nature's perfect setting. Every summer makes me a better gardener and my property is at the epicenter of upstate New York's beekeeping and maple syrup industries. Our products are in are sold in independently own stores and small chains contained in upstate New York.

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