Top Certified Chlorella, better than organic

Chlorella is our flagship product because it is the worlds most amazing natural nutrition source; perhaps an early template of our dietary needs as many algaes were ingested by our earliest multicellular ancestors.  This was in a time when nutrition flowed through us as these ancestors were simple sponges living in water.

   Since its launch, Life, Not Labs has only sourced pure organic chlorella tablets and it is now with great pleasure that we are able to offer this fine product accompanied by the two top organic certificates available; those of the USDA and the CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). 

   We are also offering these tablets in a smaller, smoother 250mg form.  They are easier to swallow and have a smooth lining for maximum ease in digestion with no aftertaste.  Chlorella literally has the highest PH level of any food source on Earth.  We have taken this perfect nutrient one step further; guaranteeing the most organic source available on the market.

    All of our orders come with free same day shipping of this highest possible quality product.  Try a month of our Organic Chlorella Tablets here.

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