The Passing of a Chlorella Pioneer; David Rockefeller (1915-2017)

David Rockefeller passed away last month as the age of 101.  He was perhaps the most important person on earth in the researching the capabilities of chlorella.  The Rockefeller Foundation studied the nutritional importance of this micro algae and the possibility of using it to solve world hunger.  It discovered (along with research in Asia and by NASA) that chlorella is the most complete food on earth and its nutritional attributes are basically a cross section of what constitutes a balanced diet. 

   Just a couple tablespoons of chlorella fulfills the bulk of recommended daily allowances for more than a dozen vitamins and minerals.  Organic Chlorella Tablets are the flagship product of and are of the highest quality on the market (even checked for radiation as well as certified Kosher).  We want to give people a cleaner choice in an immune support supplement to take daily.  The powers of chlorella are one of the main reasons for the creation of this website; perfect alkaline nutrition in a world of acidic modern diets.

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James Quinn

James Quinn at your service, I am the owner operator of Life Not Labs, I started this website over five years ago to give consumers a plant-based alternative in a supplement industry where over 99% of vitamins are synthetic and made in a lab. I've been living in the Catskills Mountains for over 15 years in what I consider to be nature's perfect setting. Every summer makes me a better gardener and my property is at the epicenter of upstate New York's beekeeping and maple syrup industries. Our products are in are sold in independently own stores and small chains contained in upstate New York.

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