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The Heroes of Page 2

One thing we have noticed over the past year or two is an increased number of orders coming from customers who find our website on page 2 (and beyond).  Life in the supplements world is extremely challenging to companies with just several employees and annual sales equal to microscopic fraction compared to those of giant conglomerates.  Luckily there is a growing group of socially conscience customers who are clicking past the opening page of google when looking for particular vitamins/supplements.

Scan Google for Organic Chlorella Tablets and watch what happens.  The first page is virtually filled with multi-billion dollar operations such as Amazon and eBay.  Operations that couldn’t care less about obscure algae supplements because they literally peddle anything that has ever been made. But when searching the first couple pages of Google you will also see that our Organic Chlorella Tablets rank very high among smaller operations.  Usually on page two but sometimes on pages one and three.  We’ve noticed that a lot of our customers deliberately avoid giant stores and look for independent retailers.

These people prefer to click to page two, three or four when looking for a particular super food like Spirulina.  They want to provide business to independant retailers while at the same time getting a high quality product.  We’ve seen a disproportionate amount of orders from states like California and have even received feedback from people indicating that they initially purchased from our site to support local/independent operations

These customers value independent businesses opened by people who really know the niche products.  We value questions from customers and enjoy providing them with any additional information on our products.

The Heroes of Page 2

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