Best Beeswax Ingredients

Our Beeswax Lip Balm, Catskills Gold has just three ingredients in it because they cover all bases in helping your lips stay moist while avoiding many other ingredients common in leading products that can actually damage and or dry lips out.

    Shea butter is perhaps the longest successfully tested moisturizer on the planet; especially in Africa where for thousands of years it has been a valued commodity protecting against the harsh dry winds of areas such as the Sahara.  Vitamin E oil is one of the greatest antioxidants known to man; naturally smoothing and restoring the vitality of lips.  Third, Beeswax is an unmatched protective barrier to outside elements such as dryness.  It serves the same purpose to your lips as it does in the hive.  We found the best quality wax in the Catskills and it is triple filtered for maximum smoothness and purity.

    As a result of our testing and research we like to compare our 3 high quality ingredients to the primary colors; which are the basis for so many other colors.  They are our highest quality blue, green, and red.  But when using this basic formula we are also avoiding what we consider to be undesirable ingredients.  For example, lanolin (found in many leading/expensive brands) is merely wool grease. Yes, grease secreted from the sebaceous glands of sheep. simply does not want customers applying a substance like that to their lips every day.  We carry only the highest quality forms of Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Beeswax that respectively moisturize, replenish and protect your lips in any condition.  Currently available at only $2.59/ea including FREE SHIPPING when you order a Five Pack.

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