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The main reason life not labs was founded was to present consumers with food based alternatives to the 99% of supplements on the market that are sold using synthetic versions of the naturally occurring molecules in each respective vitamin group.All of the Vitamin C in our Multivitamin comes from acerola cherries. This combination of nutrients has never been pulled off in a one a day capsule so we literally had to find the purest, most vitamin rich organic Acerola on earth. We do this because we want to provide the consumer with the actual vitamins that many people think they are getting as a result of being inundated with false advertising.

A lot of vitamins and drink mixes claim to have real vitamin C in them while they are in fact using ascorbic acid (and only pictures of fruit on the label). VITUALLY ALL ASCORBIC ACID (AND THUS WHAT IS GENERALLY SOLD AS VITAMIN C) ON THE MARKET IS CORN SUGAR PROCESSED WITH ACETONE.Our vitamin c is from food and not crystyline is structure. They do not look the same and they do not act the same. A lot of the early studies touting the benefits of ascorbic acid had findings praising the antioxidant qualities of the acid. These qualities were only demonstrated in test tubes and could not be substantiated in similar studies within the human body.

Here is a rundown comparing specific food based vitamins contained in our Multivitamin verses their synthetic counterparts.Vitamin AWhen considering the uses of vitamin A it is important to consider that in our evolution the most abundant source of this nutrient has been via beta carotene. Our bodies recognize beta carotene as vitamin A and break it down accordingly when needed. This is in direct opposition to synthetic A which is delivered as the A molecule itself and has been known to produce side effects including blurred vision, dizziness and headaches. This is a direct result of not allowing the body to isolate the vitamin as needed.

Synthetic vitamin A has even been found to effect to use of other vitamins such as vitamin E in the body.Most synthetic vitamin A is produced using animal and petroleum sources. All of the Vitamin A in Our Multivitamin comes from beta carotene in carrots.B-12Chances are if you go to your medicine cabinet and look at any supplements that contain B vitamins you’ll notice that the B12 portion of the complex is listed as Cyanocobalamin. This means that that particular vitamin was made in a lab using cyanide to help synthesis the real process of constructing B-12 that is constantly taking place in your body. Some synthetic Vitamin B products are 1% as absorbable as their food-based versions. Our multivitamin contains methylcobalamin which is the bioavailable form the human body prefers.Cyanocabalamin itself is lethal is large enough doses and that’s why it can not be used in a B12 shot. Additionally, large scale purchases of Cyanobalamin (found in 99% of B-12 Supplements) must be accompanied by the signing of a legal disclaimers acknowledging the health risks associated with the product.

Vitamin C

Real vitamin C can only be consumed via food. Any C vitamins found in major vitamin companies actually contain ascorbic acid (synthetic) which is a crystalline molecule and has astoundingly lower absorption rates and anVitamin tioxidant qualities. Ascorbic Acid is made by combining corn sugars with acetone and then eventually isolating these new crystalline in structure synthetic molecules. This is a different molecule than the one originally deemed to be vitamin C that we find in food. In fact some studies have shown antioxidant rates in food-based vitamin C to be more than 15 times greater than those of ascorbic acid.We have chosen Organic Acerola cherries as our source of vitamin C because it has the highest concentration of vitamin C of any fruit. We use the purest most dense organic extract in existence to deliver 100% RDA of vitamin c in each veggie capsule.

Vitamin D

99% of vitamin D supplements are synthetic and are produced by radiating animal fats in order to stimulate D3 systhesis. In contrast, all of the vitamin D (100%RDA per capsule) in our multivitamin comes from a heavily concentrated Reishi Mushroom Extract. In our opinion this is much healthier than simmering dead animal fat in tanks.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E in food possess strong anti-oxidant effects. Synthetic forms have little or no or effects and are not retained as well. Again, petroleum products are often used to create synthetic vitamin E. Basically, when vitamin E is made in a lab, attempts are being made (using chemicals) at recreating the natural form of E and other compounds are usually produced that the body can not recognize or absorb; some bonds work but most do not, hence the significantly lower absorption rates. 100% of the vitamin E contained in our product comes from plants.


Americans are being constantly hit with abnormal amounts of other elements from the halogen group that exhibit similar properties to iodine but can not take the place of it. Whether it’s fluoride in drinking water or bromine in products containing flour; other elements are being introduced to the body instead of iodine which is something the human body constantly needs in extremely small amounts. Prior to the modern giant drug company era, iodine was a very important supplement for an extremely wide range of benefits including brain function and a healthy metabolism. Even today, the World Health Organization states that a leading cause of mental retardation in babies is due to low iodine levels in the expectant mother. We used organic kelp as our iodine source and each capsule contains 100% of the recommended daily amount of iodine (150mcg).There are no substitutes for real vitamins in food. Synthetic vitamins only benefit the profit margins of giant supplement companies.

A two month supply of our Organic Source Multivitamin is offered at a competitive price to leading brand synthetic multivitamins (introductory price of only $26.99 with free shipping). It is also important to note that the capsules we use are also made entirely from vegetable products; this multivitamin is 100% vegan and contains no gelatin.We also consider Chlorella to be the closest thing mother nature creates to a multivitamin. A two gram daily dose of our Organic Chlorella Tablets delivers the majority of your daily recommended amount of vitamins such as A and B-12. But unlike multivitamins you’ll find in stores; these are the actual occurring molecules found in nature. Many of the 100+ nutrients found in chlorella do not even have recommended daily amounts according to the fda. For instance, Chlorella is extremely rich in the essential amino acid arginine and every daily dose of our Organic Chlorella Tablets contain at least 120mg.

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