milankovitch cycles

June 21, 1019 11:52AM Est- Milutan Milankovic was an extraordinary scientist. He helped put both planetary movements and seasons into perspective.  He came up with the Canon of the Earth’s Insolation. This characterizes the climate of each planet in our solar system. This idea has been further backed by science in the century he came up with it.  For instance it is now confirmed that the Earth receives its’ greatest radiation from the sun on January 3rd of each year as we are closest to the sun.  We also receive our lowest level of radiation each July 4th when we are furthest from the sun.  Each planet experiences different distances from the sun.

He also came up with theories that became known as Milankovic Cycles.  These hypothesis stated that the variation in Earth’s seasons, such as years of global warming or ice ages, were caused by variations in the Earth orbit’s eccentricity, axial tilt and precession.  These changes in variables resulted in cyclical variation in the amount of solar radiation reaching the Earth.  These hypothesis stated that the result of such variances lead to changes in the Earth’s climate. 

An Informed Public

Try to imagine the ratio of people who even know the name Milankovic verses how many people are familiar with the modern term ‘Global Warming’ or the name Al Gore. We live in an age where real knowledge is swept under a rug.  I’m not saying that man-made climate change doesn’t exist, but why are theories such as that of Milankovic or even Thomas Jefferson (who also researched the possibility of global warming 220 years ago) not widely discussed and taught today?  Carbon emissions by human are skyrocketing. They are a cause for concern. There was an array of sound logic behind global warming already laid out before the burning of fossil fuels was an issue.  

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