April 12, 2019- Chlorella is a very popular in Asia and is currently marketed as a nutritional supplement. Because Chlorella contains many nutrients, including antioxidants, it is thought to promote antioxidative functions by scavenging free radicals brought on by activities such as smoking. The this study investigated whether 6 weeks of Chlorella supplementation to smokers could be protective against oxidative damage in a double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial- One group of smokers received chlorella while the other did not.


One group of 26 smokers ages 20-65 y, were given 6.3g of Chlorella or every day for 6 week period while the other same-sized group of smokers was given a placebo. Blood samples were drawn at the beginning and after the supplementation. Plasma antioxidant vitamin levels and lipid peroxidation levels were measured. As a marker of oxidative stress, lymphocyte DNA damage was measured.


The group that received chlorella had increased plasma vitamin C of 44% and increased vitamin E of 15.7%.  The chlorella group also saw increased erythrocyte catalase and superoxide dismutase activities.  Six week Chlorella supplementation resulted in a significant decrease in lymphocyte DNA damage.   

In conclusion the group thagt received chlorella saw a conservation of plasma antioxidant nutrient status as well as improvement in erythrcyte antioxidant enzyme activities.  The results of this study were supportive of an antioxidant role for chlorella.  The study showed that chlorella is an important whole food and showed signs of being beneficial to smokers.  Of course the best way for both groups to prevent oxidative damage is two quit dmoking altogether.  Smoking damages health in a wide variety of ways and is considered to eventually be lethal in some way or another.  Organic Chlorella was and is our flagship product here at Lifenotlabs.com because we consider it to be the most complete super food on Earth.

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