Organic Spirulina Tablets

Spirulina was literally our second product after Organic Chlorella Tablets. One of our main missions is to spread awareness of these super green algaes and make the best versions of them available to the public. Here are a few of our reviews from the beginning of the year. For a small operation we are humbled to have so many positive reviews already in a year that is not yet two months old.

Joan – 01/03/2020. This is great quality spirulina, I like this product and the company shared analysis/test info with me to prove they are using very clean waters. Quality non-broken tablets every time. Recommend highly and I enjoy Spirulina better in the tableted form. Easy to take

Thanks Joan, we only try to provide the customer with the same info I get myself. All of our products are extremely clean and score A+ when it comes to being free of heavy metals. We also test for various possible pathogens or anything else that might be an issue. We don’t just sell Spirulina. I personally average at least 20 tablets a day, especially in the winter when I need to avoid illness

Paula – 01/26/2020 VERY SMOOTH. I recommend this to anyone who wants a smooth Spirulina tablet with no after taste. I take it twice daily, morning and night. I’m a vegan and prefer Spirulina over Chlorella and other algaes. But I’ve ordered this product five times and it is very reliable, both in delivery time and tablet quality. This spirulina is very smooth and I love how the tablets are always perfect, no chipping or damage I usually get from the last store I used

Great Paula, thank for the feedback. I’m glad you like it. A big factor is having a tablet with no aftertaste. That’s the main goal of proving tablets (along with easy access). And yes, these 250mg tablets are perfect in that they hardly ever chip.Jake – 02/26/2020Been using both of this websites green algaes for almost a year and swear by it. High quality with no aftertaste. 4.5 Stars.Jake – 02/26/2020Been using both of this websites green algaes for almost a year and swear by it. High quality with no aftertaste. 4.5 Stars.

Jake – 02/26/2020. Been using both of this websites green algaes for almost a year and swear by it. High quality with no aftertaste. 4.5 Stars.

Thanks, Jake. Short and sweet. And we’ll take the 4.5 stars. Spirulina is a tough sell to most people as many manufacturers provide chalky tablets with an aftertaste. All of our Organic Spirulina Tablets come certified organic with a 100% money back guarantee. Please contact us with any questions regarding this or any other products in our shop.

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  1. Hi, I would like to know if you test your chlorella for metals and if u make the results available to customers? Do u grow chlorella indoors or out? Do you use heat in breaking cell walls? Thank you very much

    1. Yes, we test for many things including mercury. All of our products are tested and must remain mercury free in order to maintain organic certification. Just last weekend I provided a customer with certificates of analysis for my Vegan Vitamin D. I enjoy informing customers as to how clean our ingredients are. The chlorella is grown outdoors and heat is not used because the chlorella is pulverized which maintains the most nutrition of any method used . Thanks for your inquiry!

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