Search Engines favor advertising websites for health queries

This website has been in operation for six years. During this time, interest in once obscure products like chlorella have increased three to eight times what they once were. has been responsible for informing tens of thousands of people about this super food. Many independent operations have an honest desire to spread awareness about organic food sources that can help you. Try a simple ‘chlorella’ search on a top search engine. The top two links that always come up are Healthline and MedMD. What is the most important thing these two sites have in common? Both are owned by advertisement agencies. The function of both are to obtain ad revenue while portraying themselves as health news.

Advertisements as Health Search Answers

Healthline also had an incredible article written in 2020 titled “Why the Black Lives Matter Protests Didn’t Contribute to the Covid-19 surge.” There has never been a point in the history of media where a statement more removed from reality. They consider BLM protests the only time during the pandemic where large, closely gathered crowds were not capable of exposing people to the virus. It was Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels who said “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”.

Does a website that states a giant protest is not capable of spreading a virus based on the values of it seem seem pro health? The function of that article is to promote politics, not health. There are many good elements to the BLM movement. It has spread awareness and stressed the importance of one of this countries longest struggles. A top news (advertising) site should not tell people that protests could not spread this contageous disease. Covid-19 is a problem for all Americans, regardless of race.

Top search engines are assisting Healthline function as a “Wellness: website. Try a random health search on Google right now as a test? Internet Brands owns WebMD. They are also a Media/advertising company. Their website dominates search results for people looking to get healthy. WebMDs top adversitements are for over the counter medicines. So search engines funnel the health info to ad agencies posing as health sites. Visitors are shown millions of dollars of ads per month. The ultimate function benefits the ad agency and the person advertising, not to the person looking for answers

The Monopoly Alliance

So much of this website’s progress has had the help of small businesses in the United States. From our first few stores in upstate New York, to our first ingredient suppliers, it has been personal relationships that have helped us both create quality products and get our products into independent stores where both parties can turn a profit. I have seen any money spent on social media become mostly a waste. While our websites Fabebook page has over 1000 followers, most posts only get a handful of views as this monopoly wants us to spend money on adversiting to reach customers.

The bottom line is that small businesses and the customers who support them need to maintain a strong bond in this age of new monopolies. I try to be as transparent as possible and will show customers any info I have regarding the ingredients I use. I source all of my ingredients from domestic vendors which is one way in which I support small businesses. Buying from domestic vendors also helps me get great organic ingredients that I know the purity of. There’s an extra benefit to knowing that these producers are legally accountable if there were to be an issue with one of them. A small company such as this website can not get that kind of commitment from foreign exporters who are only concerned about profit.

Banning Honest Info

I recently heard an interview Dr Mercola gave with Fran Dresher. He went over how basically every health earch on line is funneled into the above mentioned three diferent sites. He also talked about being shadow banned. This is a deceptive practice our website has experienced. We had an article detailing China’s negligence back in march that was banned by several major sites, including Facebook and Quora. Quora, a Q and A forum, notified me that the post violated their policy. Dr Mercola has been targeted for repeatedly pointing out the benefits of natural vitamin sources and healthy lifestyle habits. Mercola is 66 years old and has less wrinkles than most Americans 20 years younger than him. Mercola, much like this website, is preaching a very simple message that our modern environment is a personal health catastrophe.

Health Search Test

Search Engines are biased towards advertising websites

Healthline is an ad agency posing as a health news and wellness website. When entering a question as simple as ‘how do I get healthy,’ the world’s biggest search engine brings you to a website owned by an advertising agency. Does this seem like the search engine attempting to provide the user with the best answers? No one knows the full extent of algorithym factors for sites like google. But when conducting hundreds of health related searches, virtually every top result is given to WebMD, Healthline, Medical News Today or other ad agencies posing as wellness motivated operations. Mercola is buried because he has a genuine passion for helping people understand health and nutrition. Search Encrypt actually provided an array of websites I was not familiar with when conducting common searches such as ‘Chlorela Benefits.’ Its’ first page was not dominated by the usual suspects.

Is the User Experience Respected?

If search engines were really trying to provide the most sound info, wouldn’t health queries lead to results from the NIH? The federal governments official website should be taken as the most knowledgeable source. Funneling health searches to advertising companies is creating a false reality. It provides the user with information that is linked to getting them to make a purchase. This is not health news or wellness info. They are being roped into a sale.

One of the most rewarding parts of running this website is interacting with the customers. People who find this website are not only informed when it comes to health and wellness, they are also socially conscience. A silver lining in an internet dominated by billion-dollar corporations is that the customers who find us are making an effort to support small business. We in turn take pride in providing cstomers with the best ingredients and products possible. We buy all of our ingredients from domestic suppliers. Supporting American companies is as important now as ever. We also provide current health news and wellness information in our blog.

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