Quercetin capsules made in the USA using super food extracts

Note: I get a lot of questions from customers asking me if I sell the ‘Quercetin, Z, C, D Protocol,’ so I wanted to share this to avoid further confusion My response was usually something like ‘Funny, I was actually in contact with the doc you are mentioning at the beginning of the pandemic, and even showed him my website. But I haven’t heard he was recommending Quercetin now.’ A quick visit to sites like The Way Back Machine shows that products like Z-Stack started selling online about a year after I was selling my first Quercetin, Zinc, C and D combos. Q-Stack contains those four ingredients exclusively.

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March 2020 was the most chaotic month this planet has experienced in 75 years. What had been a robust global economy ground to a halt in only a couple of weeks. I had recently become a father, and lost my own father within a two month span during the second half of 2019. While maintaining orders on the website, and restocking stores with products, I was enjoying a reduced schedule with our new son.

While the shutdown was a logistical nightmare, it allowed the opportunity to combine several key food extracts. I combined the ingredients I felt my family and I most needed to maintain homeostasis in a world that had become flipped on its head. The result was a product now called 7EN.

Quercetin had been shown in studies to posses multiple capabilities in maintaining good health. AI models were coming up with compounds that might possibly provide benefits. I remember only seeing one natural compound on lists of dozens of possible helpful sources. Here is a spring 2020 excerpt from a peer reviewed paper on the NIH Website

Quercetin (Que) and its derivatives are naturally occurring phytochemicals with promising bioactive effects. The antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-Alzheimer’s, antiarthritic, cardiovascular, and wound-healing effects of Que have been extensively investigated, as well as its anticancer activity against different cancer cell lines has been recently reported. Que and its derivatives are found predominantly in the Western diet, and people might benefit from their protective effect just by taking them via diets or as a food supplement.

That is an extraordinary variety of benefits for a natural compound. I wanted to immediately get a good quercetin product out, but I needed the right source, one that kept in line with this website’s goal of offering super food nutrition. I reached out to several west coast quercetin providers, and found one offering 98% pure extract powder. The source is exclusively from pagoda trees. I had also read up on bromelain helping to increase Q absorption in the body, so an ideal 5/1 (Q/B) ratio was set up. I was lucky to find several domestic vendors who had bromelain from pineapples in stock. Vitamin C has been shown to help with Q absorption too. So I added 225mg per pill to the formula as it was already a needed component for it’s antioxidant properties.

I had already been offering vitamin D through two products I had developed in 2015. But what sets our D3 apart from most other vitamin makers is that ours is entirely from lichen. Lichen is a natural food source found on plant life. This was one of my first ingredients seven years ago because virtually all vitamin D sold online is made by irradiating wool grease. I find that process to be one of the most disgusting processes in manufacturing. Yet millions of people consume it via vitamins every day.. I combined this D3 with the highest quality type of vitamin K available, MK-7. Vitamin K has been shown to increase vitamin D absorption. Finally,, I added a kelp extract that has a very high iodine content. Iodine is an essential immune support function that millions of Americans are deficient in.

While creating 7EN, I made sure to use the best source available for each respective ingredient. For example, zinc sulfate is a compound I would never put in a product, yet many vitamin makers include this. It has been shown to be less absorbable than other zinc sources, and is the most likely type of zinc to cause nausea. In my opinion, if a vitamin maker is using zinc sulfate, they are going out of their way to cut corners on production costs. They could swap out any other zinc compound and only be paying a dollar or less to provide a consumer with a superior bottle of nutrition.

The earliest version of 7EN became available on this website on March 29th, 2020. At the time it offered organic elderberry extract instead of the quercetin/bromelain combination. I was fortunate to be able to secure plant extract producers of both of those ingredients (Q and B) shortly after the elderberry version was being offered. We now offer two additional products with both quercetin and bromelain. One product with just those two ingredients, and 4EN, which also contains D3 and Zinc.

I just wanted to share my story of how these ingredients were first combined, out of necessity in 2020. There are a lot of people marketing similar products, but I created 7EN to offer people an immune support vitamin that was well rounded. I have sold thousands of bottles of 7EN over the past year and a half yet have never had a single bottle returned to me. This product is now both pharmacist and doctor recommended across the United States. All of the ingredients are purchased within the USA, and I personally ship each order.

My wife, son, mother and myself take it every day (although I measure out an extremely small portion of powder for our two year old son). I do not make medical claims on my products, but please look into the studied benefits of each of this products ingredients. This product represents decades of studying the potential of natural plant compounds. I believe quercetin and several other ingredients in this product will be shown to be even more vital as additional studies come out.

Many customers have contacted me about getting a ‘protocol’ amount. 500mg Quercetin, 800mg C, 5000IU, D3, and 30mg Zinc. It is available for about half the cost of some other brands in Q Stack, starting October 20th. Q stands quercetin, and our family name (Quinn), as we started our family protocol in March 2020. Please note that Q-Stack contains a higher quality zinc than most competitors, as well as vitamin D3 from food, instead of wool grease.

-James Quinn

Products on this website are not meant to treat, prevent, or cure any disease. One of the worst things I have seen in the past 18 months has been people claiming that a group of vitamins or drugs can prevent someone from becoming ill. Please exercise caution as we are still in a serious health situation worldwide. Eating well and exercise are good for everyone, but we need to be safe as well.

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