Quercetin is a plant pigment (flavonoid). Some food sources are very rich in quercetin such as onions and apples. It exists naturally in both fruits and vegetables, especially in the outer layer or peel. It is a versatile antioxidant known to possess protective abilities against tissue injury induced by various drugs and toxins. The NIH agrees with this claim. Overall, there are many quercetin benefits.

Quercetin, for instance, is helpful in reducing inflammation. An 8 week study of 50 women with rheumatoid arthritis showed that participants who took 500mg of quercetin daily experienced significant reductions in early morning stiffness and pain. They also experienced less pain after physical activity. In vitro studies have also shown quercetin can reduce inflammation in human cells.

Some inflammation is necessary in helping your body heal and fight infections. Persistent inflammation is linked to many health problems including heart and kidney disease.

Blood Pressure

Our country’s leading cause of death is still heart disease. One in three adults suffer from high blood pressure. This additionally increases ones risk of heart disease. Recent research suggests quercetin may help reduce blood pressure levels. Researchers gave quercetin to mice with high blood pressure daily for five weeks. Their upper and lower blood pressure numbers decreased an average of 18% and 23% respectively. Recently, a review of a handful of studies encompassing 580 people found that quercetin did reduce upper and lower blood pressure by 5,8 mm Hg and 2.6 mm Hg, respectively.


Quercetin is also good for hayfever. But quercetin by itself has a very low absorption rate. Bromelain assists in its absorption. Bromelain is an organic compound that increases quercetin absorption rates. This protein-digesting enzyme extracted from pineapples and helps the body absorb the water soluble quercetin. Vitamin C increases the absorption rate as well. All three ingredients are in our new E7 Immune Support. This multivitamin contains seven synergistic ingredients known to support a healthy immune system. The average person consumes 10-100mg of quercetin daily through diet. Each 7EN Capsule contains at least 350mg of it.

Many quercetin benefit studies are being conducted with quercetin right now to see if it can help fight Covid-19. There is growing consensus that it may work as an ionophere to help zinc get into cells where it can block viral replication. Quercetin is the essence of vegetable nutrition. Endless benefits, rare side effects. For instance, many people see decreased allergy symptoms while taking quercetin. It is the main ingredient in our new immune Support E7.

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