Qingong Breathing Exercises

This is a way to make your day less stressful and it only takes 16 seconds.  As shown in This Video of a beginner Qigong breathing exercise, a simple breathing loop can really make a person feel at ease.  The instructor refers to it as box breathing and considers four seconds as a good starting interval of this four part breathing exercise. Simply inhale slowly for four four seconds, then hold the breath in for four seconds, exhale slowly for four seconds and finally count to four with empty breath.  Repeat this process several times and you will start to feel relaxed. I’ve been doing this exercise for years and start to feel relaxed at around the seven second point in my first rotation. At this point my mind is anticipating the coming relaxation the exercise brings.

In a recent article we discussed how breathing exercises were vital to Li Ching Yuen in what he considered a key to longevity.  His lifespan can never be confirmed, but everyone who knew him agreed he lived an extremely long life and he claimed his breathing techniques were taught to him by the oldest person he had ever met.

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