Real Catskills Beeswax Lip Balm

Just in time for fall 2017 we are releasing our new pumpkin spice lip balm. This combines local Catskills beeswax with cinnamon, allspice nutmeg and other all natural ingredients.  This smooth refreshing lip balm product combines two natural processes;

1) The refining of beeswax

2) The distilling of spices such as nutmeg provides essential oils capable of properly blending with the beeswax itself.

This creates a product that both tastes great and helps protect/nourish your lips.

Our new pumpkin spice lip balm is available now at many northeast regional stores. It is also available in our online store (with additional product information)in both single and 4 packs.  Treat your lips to great taste while at the same time providing lasting protection from dryness using only elements found in nature

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