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There is no other supplement on the market that offers this much Vitamin D and Cordyceps.  This one a day supplement actually has a rich chocolate smell in powder form (that we then capsule).  Each capsule contains for 400% RDA of D3 via Lichen extract and 100% RDA D2 via mushrooms. This Vegan D is unique in that it offers daily requirements of both vitamins D2 and D3.   We have combined several different types of Mushrooms to create a well-rounded vegan supplement capable of providing various types of vitamin D as well as cordyceps, which have long been regarded as a health boosting super food in ancient (as well as modern) Asia.

What makes this vitamin unique is that it provides daily requirements of both D2 and D3 while also containing 500mg of cordyceps.   This is a first of its kind multivitamin constructed using extreme super foods of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Ingredients: Mushrooms (Cordeceps and Agaricus Bisporus), Lichen, Vegetable Oil (for capsules).  More info below-


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Nutritional Facts: Vitamin D2 600IU (100%), Vitamin D3, 2400IU (400%), Cordyceps 500mg.  All vitamin content in this product comes from mushrooms and lichen (no chemicals or additives).

This item comes with a 100% money-back guarantee- start feeling the benefits of this one of a kind multivitamin.  Better nutrition made by Earth, not laboratories.

Ingredients: Mushrooms (Cordeceps and Agaricus Bisporus), Lichen, Vegetable Oil (for capsules)

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2 reviews for Vegan Vitamin D

  1. Jonathan

    I take this Vitamin D supplement daily, and like the small size of the capsules. Since I take several pills daily, it’s helpful to keep the size of each pill small. My Vitamin D3 levels are confirmed to now be in a normal range, as a result of taking this daily. Been taking these capsules for three months and am pleased with it.

  2. Nicole

    As a vegan its hard to find products that truly abide by the rules. This company shared all of their paperwork with me about the ingredients and veggie cap makeup. This product is safe, effective and really love the balance of different mushrooms in it.

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