Quercetin with Bromelain

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This product combines quercetin and bromelain entirely from plant life.  The five to one ratio of quercetin to bromelain is what is generally considered the proper balance to maximize quercetin absorption.  This is a 60 count, two month supply or our spring 2021 immune support supplement and comes in a once daily tablet (or powder).  These two ingredients are also major components of our 7EN Immune Support which has been on the market since March 2021.   Each veggie capsule contains 400mg of Quercetin and 80mg of Bromelain,

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This is a synergistic comination of quercetin and bromelain.  Studies show bromelain helps with the absorption of quercetin.  Quercetin alone has been shown to have an absorption rate of only 1% is independent studies.  These two ingredients work together to help quercetin contribute to all of the functions it has been shown in studies to perform.  These include-

  • Relief of allergy symptoms
  • Fighting free radicals
  • Reducing Inflammation

There are many more benefits of Quercetin.  This product is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.  Please research the different studies that show benefits of this amazing flavanoid.  These include possible properties that can prevent infection and lower blood pressure (both links are to our federal health website and go over studies on their effectiveness).

In keeping with our business mission, all of the ingredients in this product (including the vegan veggie capsules) come directly from fruits and vegetables.  All of the bromelain in this product is taken from pineapples.  The quercetin comes from plants.  We do not use additives or fillers.

This product is completely food based, with no fillers or additives.  We source the best ingredients available.  We buy in small quantities that ensure fresh supplies of the best domestically purchased ingredients possible.

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