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Citrulline has been shown in studies to help boost energy levels and this was the first supplement to offer 100% Citrulline from plants.  Our product is solely taken from non-GMO corn (Contrary to most supplements being made in labs).  Citrulline is a crucial amino acid, especially for people over 40. Each bottle contains 90 grams of citrulline.  Each mini scoop that comes with the bottle is equal to 750mg. .  Citrulline benefits many parts of the body.  If you are experiencing lower energy levels with age, please consider trying our product.  We have a no question money back guarantee.  I sell this product because I feel citrulline greatly helps to boost my energy levels in middle age.  I start to feel greater energy in about 15 minutes

First discovered in 1930, this amino acid is converted into arginine by the body in a process called Citrullination.  Citrulline becomes a more important as the body ages.  It helps contribute to higher energy levels.  Some foods are rich in Citrulline and we only use this organic amino acid in our product; nothing synthetic.  Try a month and feel the difference.  Especially if you’re over 40.  100% Money-Back Guarantee.  This product was created specifically to provide a plant-based energy boost to people who feel they need an a little extra spark at any point in life.  Free shipping on any order of $60 or more.  For fast answers to any questions about this product, text 8005549162 or email (Texts are answered immediately). More info below.


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There are many citrulline benefits.  Many people call citrulline “nature’s viagara” as is possesses the ability to boost nitric oxide levels in people over 40. Other amino acids, such as arginine,  are less effective as time goes by.  Please consult a physician before starting a new supplement. Your health is perhaps the most important part of your life. Maintain a healthy balance in your life with our wide line of products. Life, Not Labs wants to be a part of your journey.

This product is 100% non GMO vegetable extract.  While most of our products are organic, this one is impossible to source as such.  But it is 100% plant extract, no additives.

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  1. Gerry (Submitted 4/27/19)

    I think of citrulline as a must have for anyone over 30. This product is great because it is all citrulline and completely from plants. The capsules are vegan too and I have no side effects. Just a great natural boost of energy. I like to pop 2-3 before each workout.

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