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A sixty day supply of an organic multivitamin that fulfills each vitamin group. Better organic vitamins made using Earth’s most pure organic food extracts..  It’s simply the most vitamin rich one a day capsule possible using organic nutrients.  We literally combined the most ultra-concentrated food extracts on earth to create this supplement. Our organic Source Multivitamin delivers 100% (FDA daily recommended value) of vitamins A though E as well as iodine .  Every bit of beta carotene is from super concentrated Organic carrot extract just as every bit of Iodine comes from an organic kelp extract.  Additionally combining Cherries, Mushrooms and Plant Oil, this Immune support one a day uses unaltered superior natural nutrients from the foods themselves.  More nutritional information below.

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This is an organic multivitamin made using the highest quality extracts available.  99% of multivitamins sold on the market are made solely using synthetic vitamins made in a lab.  Our organic multivitamin is made using the sun, soil, water and seeds.  We use only organic products to keep our promise of all natural to you. Your health is the most important part of your life. Maintain a healthy balance in your life with our wide line of products. Life, Not Labs wants to be a part of your journey.  The vitamin D2 and D3 in this multivitamin is also found in our Vegan Vitamin D supplement (along with Cordyceps).  Additionally, the organic acerola vitamin c in this product is also found in our Organic Vitamin C.  Vitamins from actual food supplements have been found to contain superior vitamins to those made in a lab.  The methods of making vitamins in a lab can also be down right disgusting.  Virtually all (99%) of synthetic vitamin D is made using wool grease which is then irradiated to simulate actual vitamin d production caused by the suns interaction with animal skin. When There were no big companies making food-based organic multivitamins five years ago when this product was first created.  These conglomerates stole the idea from independent companies like this and are making much lower quality versions of what we created.  Life Not Labs is one of the only websites that sells products that were made for the creators personal use first before being brought to the market.  This means that we are not motivated by profit but by a desire to make better supplements that we trust.  Products made with ingredients we know about.  Products first given to friends and relatives, not sold to people answering popup adds.  This product comes with a money back guarantee because we want you to love it. It is also made using ingredients purchased from United States producers and all orders ship free with a purchase of $30 or more.


Nutritional Facts (veggie capsules)  Ingredients; Acerola Cherries, Carrots, Reishi Mushrooms, Plant/Soy Oil, Kelp and Lichen

Contains at least 100% Recommended Daily Allowance of the following using 100% organic food sources

Vitamin A (5000IU), VItamin B12, Vitamin C 60mg, Vitamin D2 400IU, VItamin D3 1600IU, VItamin E 30IU, Iodine 150mcg

Government recommended daily vitamin intake amounts 

Additional Info-

What Is Lichen?

4 reviews for Organic Multivitamin

  1. Jenni

    I love this organic food multi one a day. Brings lots of major vitamins using only ultra concentrated food sources. I even break the caps open and add them to water, great taste.

  2. Brilon

    I’ve been healthy two winters straight thanks to this product. I’ve never even made it through one season without getting sick. Just reordered.

  3. Jason C

    This is the only one a day I could find that actually has these particular vitamins in concentrated food form. Vastly superior to regular vitamins and a wide array of ingredients from mushrooms to berries.

  4. Jenni

    My friend made me try this and I really like it. I don’t usually take supplements but the idea of having a real multivitamin from food made sense. This is a great way to get real nutrition in no time and I was very healthy last winter.

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