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Our CBD lip balm is made using full spectrum organic CBD oil & contains 10mg per stick.  Your lips are protected by organic cbd oil, local Catskills beeswax, raw Shea butter and vitamin E oil.  CBD oil has countless benefits and has been shown to be reduce inflammation and pain on the skin.  All of the other ingredients in this lip balm are shown to help create and maintain healthy lips as well.  Shea butter helps to moisturize, beeswax helps lock moisture in and vitamin E helps repair lips.  Free shipping on any order of $30 or more.  For fast answers to any questions about this product, text 9173591165 or email (Texts are answered immediately).  More info below.

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Please take note that you must be at least 18 years of age to purchase this product.  The skin on your lips is the thinnest on your entire face, and is loaded with cannabinoid receptors. This makes them the most likely area for absorbing food for your skin, including anti-inflammatory CBD.  CBD oil noticeably calms and smooths your lips. We make our CBD lip balm right here in the Catskills using organic, full spectrum CBD oil.  You can feel this product start to work instantly as CBD illustrates healing qualities immediately.

The CBD in this product is derived from USA grown hemp and is tested for purity concentration.  Because it is extracted from industrial hemp rather than medical cannabis plants there are zero psychoactive effects to this product (it will not get you high).  We also use organic hemp seed oil in this product.  The hemp oil also contributes to the healing of lips but also gives the product a smooth moist finish that merges with the lips immediately.  To lock in nutrients and protect the lips we also use beeswax made exclusively in upstate New York with virtually of of the wild life living in the virgin forests of Catskills State Park itself.  Lastly, we combine these ingredients with organic raw Shea butter.  Shea is what we consider to be nature’s best moisturizer.  This product combines the well know lip protecting ingredients in our Catskills Gold beeswax lip balm line with the natural healing abilities of organic CBD and hemp oil.

Ingredients- Raw Shea butter, Catskills beeswax, Vitamin E, full spectrum CBD oil.  This product is not to be sold to persons under the age of 18 as it contains CBD oil.  This product also comes with a money back guarantee.  Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this product of anything else you see in our store (

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  1. Kelly M.

    Love this! It’s great for my lips and when I actually got a sunburn on my lips, I used this product and it really helped!

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