Cbd Lip Balm


Cbd Lip Balm

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Our CBD lip balm is made using full spectrum organic CBD oil & contains 10mg per stick.  Your lips are protected by organic cbd oil, local Catskills beeswax, raw Shea butter and vitamin E oil.  CBD oil has countless benefits and has been shown to be reduce inflammation and pain on the skin.  All of the other ingredients in this lip balm are shown to help create and maintain healthy lips as well.  Shea butter helps to moisturize, beeswax helps lock moisture in and vitamin E helps repair lips.

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We use only organic products to keep our promise of all natural to you. Your health is the most important part of your life. Maintain a healthy balance in your life with our wide line of products. Life, Not Labs wants to be a part of your journey.

Ingredients- Raw Shea butter, Catskills beeswax, Vitamin E, full spectrum CBD oil.

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