Millions of people conduct searches for “organic vitamins” and “organic food” every month. We specialize in organic food vitamins because they contain the actual organic vitamins found in nature. Over the past decade, I have seen so many examples of vitamins being labeled as organic, while containing ingredients that have gone through a highly processed transition.

Vitamins, organic or inorganic

Our operation stresses that it is important to get your nutrition from actual food sources whenever possible. Newer FDA rules have made it possible for a product to be labeled as organic, even if it contains non-organic ingredients. We use super food extracts that are not altered. This delivers nutrition to the consumer in the same way humans have been getting it for thousands of years. The term organic will also contain a double meaning to anyone with a science background. Organic was originally defined as anything that is, or at one time was, living. Organisms where molecules are built around carbon.

We provide vitamins that are either certified organic, or entirely from foods. Some ingredients are merely from food, because they are wild harvested and not certified as organic. For example, organic quercetin is not found online as organic, because of the trees themselves not being certified organic. But all of the quercetin sold in our store is entirely from pagoda trees. There are not additives.

Life Not Labs was started nearly a decade ago to create super food alternatives in a market dominated by synthetic vitamins. I began sourcing pure, food vitamins for myself in 2012. By 2014, I had begun making my own capsules. That was also the year I set up the current URL.. By the spring of 2015, was selling super food vitamins in an industry where over 99% of all supplements were still synthetic.

What makes our vitamin store different is, accountability. Any customer can reach me, James Quinn, regarding their purchases and ingredients. There is no customer service department beyond me and several experts I have developed a synergistic relationship with over the past decade. Quercetin benefits has been a huge focus of my work over the last two years. My wife, son and I all take it daily. Chlorella benefits are a huge part of how this website came about. It is the greenest nutritional source on Earth and is an easy way for people to consume a healthy, alkaline alternative to processed food.

How are our vitamins unique?

Many other operations have sprung up over the last 7 years. The majority of them are essentially labeling pre-made vitamins. The majority of those products contain vitamins made overseas. This operation is different in that all of our capsules are pressed inside of the United States, using ingredients from American vendors. If you are looking for American-made vitamins, understand that there is no vitamin maker in this country with more oversight and accountability than Life Not Labs. Each order is quality checked by me personally.

This website operates within the Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines created by the FDA. We take all necessary precautions to make sure customers are receiving high quality, fresh products. In our entire history, we have received no complaint or recall reports from the FDA or any other authority. We look forward to providing top level ingredients to our customers in years to come. These past 7 years have allowed for continuous updates in streamlining our receipt of the right amount of ingredients for the right timeframe. Small ingredient orders keep our products fresh.

We have also helped popularize real superfood vitamins. For example, all of the vitamin C in our Organic Multivitamin and Organic C bottles comes from certified organic acerola cherries. This is vitamin c content directly from organic plant extracts. At the same time, the D3 in that multi comes entirely from lichen. This lichen d is also found in our Vegan D. This product also contains a days worth of D2 via mushrooms. We are also proud to have been promoting the benefits of Chlorella and Spirulina for nearly a decade. These are nature’s perfect super foods.

How are your vitamins made?

Here’s a test. Find out where the cholecalciferol, also known as vitamin D3, in your current vitamins comes from. All of our cholecalciferol comes from lichen. Lichen is a symbiotic life form that combines two very different kinds of organisms. Nearly all commercially sold cholecalciferol comes from wool grease. The fact that the cholecalciferol comes from wool grease is hidden by the use of the trade name lanolin. It is actually wool grease that is processed by irradiation.

Cholecalciferol is a sterol that is formed by the action of sunlight on dehydrocholesterol in the skin. Cholecalciferol deficiency affects calcium levels, causing rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. We have several different types of cholecalciferol tablets. Our Vegan D capsules contain vitamins D2, D3 and cordyceps. While our Organic Multivitamin contains cholecalciferol, as well as B12, Beta carotene, zinc, vitamin E and more.

We make organic vitamins using whole food extracts.  American made vitamins from Upstate New York

Better prices from a small operation

We offer competitive pricing because of reduced overhead (our workforce featured above). Most companies have huge cost components that we have never had to deal with. Our vitamins are pressed in-house, and we outsource external logistics like distribution. This helps us stay in stores while allowing us to focus on packaging high-quality products. Every step of the online process is handled by me personally. We are small enough to accommodate any request, and our response time is always same day.

Some people would like a to take a product but can not have one of the ingredients. We respond to dietary restrictions by making new combinations in separate batches. For example- if someone can not have kelp, they can order 7EN with that dietary restriction written in the checkout cart. They will then receive a bottle from a specially made batch where kelp has not been added. The bottle is now considered 6EN.

Some customers like being able to change their mailing address if plans have changed over the holidays. We immediately alter outgoing orders and can respond to the request at any time. Please feel free to reach out to us with any special product requests or suggestions you have. We look forward to meeting your supplemental needs. New ingredient or product ideas help us become a better product line. Learn more about our products in our store.

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