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Update– 1/4/22 The Covid-19 death rate in South Africa since the beginning of December is less than one eleventh what it was for the period of the pandemic up until December 1st. The country has recorded 1327 deaths and nearly half million new cases in the past 34 days. Prior to December 1st (all of 2020 and nearly all of 2021) the country had recorded nearly 90,000 deaths against nearly three million cases. This preceding Covid-19 death rate of over 3 percent is more than eleven times the death rate we have seen in the last month (0.266%).

11/24/21 The seven day average covid-19 death toll in South Africa is at 24 for today, December 14th.  This is a 20% decline since the last day of November (30).  This comes as the average daily cases rose dramatically in the month of November, which should have been reflected in a rising daily death count, two to three weeks later.  There are varying studies to show the average time between positive tests or first symptoms, and the length of time to death for Covid-19 fatalities.  People in higher age groups tend to pass more quickly, but studies show the average time from a positive case to a death is around 14 days.   But we are not seeing the two-week lag in a rise in deaths following a rise in cases.

Western governments and mainstream media have the primary objective of scaring the public whenever possible. Remember the terror threat level? Some wondered who would be in charge of putting the threat level back to blue, after the “Terror” went past its maximum point (and everyone died). It would be the next logical threat level if our species was really wiped off the planet. Here we have a similar absurdity. A variant that has been known about nearly a month, with only one death currently being attributed to it.

Update- 12.19.21– In the week following the discovery of Omicron, there were more covid cases reported in South Africa, than in the previous ten weeks combined. So why are we basically seeing a flat death rate nearly a month after the variant was first reported?

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