Li Ching Yuen lived one of the most remarkable lives ever. A seven foot tall Chinese herbalist, martial artist and tactical instructor. He died in 1933 but his actual date of birth has been widely disputed.  A 1930 New York Times article stated that there were Chinese records from 1827 congratulating him on his then 150th birthday (which would make his birth year 1677).  Two years prior to this a correspondent from the same newspaper had interviewed old men from Li’s neighborhood who asserted that their own grandfathers knew Li as boys and that at that time he was already a grown man.  Li himself claimed to be born around 1736, nearly six decades later than the Chinese government had stated.  Was he the oldest person ever? His lifelong habits were an inspiration to this website.

There are multiple documentations of his birth being as early as 1677.  This was asserted by Wu Chung-chieh- a professor at Chengdu University.  Whether it’s true or not the story of Li Ching Yuen is intriguing and adds insight to the importance of herbs and breathing exercises for longevity.  According to one of Li’s disciples, he once encountered a 500 year old man who taught him Qigong exercises and breathing recommendations that help extend longevity to world record levels. 

Li’s Words To Live By

Li’s advice- “Make your heart calm like water, sit like a tortoise, walk sprightly like a pigeon and sleep like a dog.”  That is a famous quote from Li when asked about his secret to longevity.  He answered this to Wu Pei Fu, a warlord who took Li into his home to learn the secrets of longevity.  Li believed that inward calm and piece of mind combined with breathing techniques were the secret to longevity. 

Li Ching was a lifelong believer in the power of mushrooms. We created our Mushroom, Lichen, Cordyceps (Vitamin D Multivitamin) as an homage to him. He picked wild mushrooms and swore by strains such as red reishi. This is a major link to health that comes from Chinese folklore.  The Chinese region has relied on mushrooms such as cordyceps for thousands of years.  They claim it helps boost energy levels and can help with sexual performance (ED).  They have also been thought to fight cancer, to lower blood sugar and act as blood thinners.  Modern studies back up these claims.  We know that these mushrooms have strong antioxidant ability and many mushrooms have heavy vitamin D content.  We created one of our first products, Vegan Vitamin D, as a tribute to him and the nutrients he credited his longevity to. His actual birthday will always be debated, but the fact that he lead an extremely long, full life can not be denied.

Better Nutrition

Modern nutritional knowledge of what he ate paired with the effects of Qigong breathing exercises gives an idea of how healthy his lifestyle was.  He also exercised daily and lived mostly in rural areas. Essentially he had an lifestyle a quantum leap cleaner than that of a person living in the modern industrialized world. All of the organic products in our store promote health and longevity with Chlorella being our most popular product. It’s literally the greenest food on earth and a source for countless nutrients. Our goal is to bring Li Ching Yuen’s message to the general public. The oldest person ever could easily be an apothecary. Organic super food is the best choice in a supplement market full of synthetic vitamins.

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