It has been months since New Jersey legislative committees have voted to pass the legalization of recreational marijuana.  This time lapse is evidence of the governments need to control and profit from every element of the sale and distribution of pot, from tax rates to the placement of dispensaries.

   Last year, Insys, a leading opioid producers gave a half a million dollars to prevent the legalization of pot in Arizona.  An active campaign to cut out the competition; a harmless plant that produces countless benefits to people combating everything from addiction to pain from cancer treatment.   NBC recently ran a special on Insys’ coercing of doctors into prescribing their products; valuing dollars over lives.  U.S. attorneys even apprehended several of their employees for conspiring to bribe doctors to up medical prescriptions of their products.   U.S. attorneys are becoming helpful in combating the opioid epidemic. But the federal government still considers whole-plant marijuana a Schedule I drug,  This simple declaration is a lie on two levels, both being deemed non-beneficial for medical use and declared to be highly addictive. 

   The govenment will play Kingmaker every step of the way in allowing access to a plant that can grow naturally on the side of the road.  Tarrany rules over marijuana use until we see the day where everyon is able to grow and consume this plant whenever and wherever they want.   


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