mRNA shots are not vaccines according to the CDC- photo by Artem Podrez

Neither of the two pharmaceuticals being administered to millions of Americans are technically considered vaccines according to the CDC’s own definition of the word. Here is a screenshot from the CDC website

A screenshot with a definition of the word "vaccine"

That definition does not include the current shots offered by Pfizer and Moderna. This is confusing as the CDC website also refers to the mRNA shots as vaccines in other sections.

A screenshot with information from CDC website about mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

These are both mRNA shots. They do not include a weakened version of the virus mentioned in the definition (first image). These new shots represent one of the biggest medical leaps of the past 100 years. This is a technology that has never been tested on a large scale. While the purpose of this article is not to call into question its’ effectiveness or potential for side effects, it is important to note that this could be the biggest ‘desperate times, desperate measures’ moment since the use of nuclear weapons in 1945. hopes that the mRNA shots go extremely well. We hope the people who have already received it get maximum effectiveness and minimal side effects. mRNA injections could be the greatest thing to happen to health since veggies. It is also important, however for people to know what they are having injected into their bodies. These specific Covid 19 protection shots were rushed to market. When animal trials are skipped, humans become the guinea pigs. We are living in a time of unsurpassed censorship in the United States. There is a significant portion of the population that believes even articles like this should be banned.

People are being kicked off of social media for sharing information they believe to be true (free speech). One of our viral posts from the spring was completely blocked on several platforms including Facebook and Quora. Even the record of the 20,000+ views the article received no longer shows up in our Quora stats. The article was not just deleted from where it was posted. Stats were changed.

The key difference between these shots and traditional vaccines is that mRNA bypasses several steps the body naturally takes in adjusting to a virus or traditional vaccine. Instead of the immune system learning how to deal with an attenuated virus found in a traditional vaccine, these shots are sending genetic information into the cells, telling them which proteins to make in order to block the actual virus from entering the cell. Will they be successful? Most likely, but to not inform the general public as to what they are receiving is reckless. These two shots also bypassed many steps of the normal approval process. Calling either one of these products a vaccine is incorrect and is the spreading of misinformation in itself. When Jonas Salk started creating polio vaccines in the 1800s, he was saving lives by helping the body deal with weakened versions of the deadly viruses. This is the most drastic change in preventative medicine since then.

The FDA may approve their first Covid-19 Vaccine this Thursday. Johnson and Johnson has created a product that is much closer to traditional vaccines we have been using for many decades.

UPDATE 8/15/21

The CDC and other organizations are now redefining the definition of the term ‘Vaccine.’ Here is a screenshot from today.

Definition of a vaccine has been revised recently

This website does not give medical advice or recommend to anyone whether or not to get any type of shot. We are simply pointing out that this is the biggest change to vaccine technology since the days of Jonah Salk. It is important to have enough of a timeline to test new technology. That is what the scientific method is all about. The rollout of mRNA shots for Covid-19 bypassed many steps in the usual development and implementation of a new medicine.

The more radical a technology is, the more chance there is of unforeseen issues. When someone is at a stop sign, they look left and right before pulling out. These multi-year trials are done to see if there is a chance of a bus falling from the sky and landing on the vehicle.

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  1. I’m so glad to have found your site! Not only am I excited to try your chlorella, but I am beyond thrilled to read your blog! So refreshing to read truthful data.. it’s such a shame that this information is silenced and kept from We The People. It’s late for me tonight, but I’m excited to read more tomorrow. And I will be sharing your page as well. Thanks for your commitment to health of mind, body, & soul!

    1. Hi Karen, thank you for the kind words! I will have some new posts soon. So much of my time has been spent on production lately, it has been hard to keep up with releasing new content. I hope you like the Chlorella! Thank you for ordering it – James

  2. Thank you so very much for telling the truth. We just do not get to hear the truth anymore. The details that you had provided have taught us more than all of the media had reported in the past year.
    Thank you again.

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