Zyclon B Holocaust

In 1995, Nobel Prize winner and Holocaust survivor Eli Weisel was introduced at a lecture by the head of Bayer, Helge Wehmeier.  Wehneier’s intro consisted of an apology on behalf of Bayer’s World War II former parent company, IG Farben.  Farben, ran slave labor camps throughout Nazi Germany, one of which held Weisel as a prisoner.  Farben, through one of its subsidiaries was also responsible for the production of and sale to the Nazis of Zykon B.  This gas was used to kill hundreds of thousands )if not millions) of prisoners in concentration camps thoughout the late 1930’s and 1940’s. After the war, 13 of 23 employeees put on trial were convicted of war crimes.  Over ten million people died in the holocaust and I G Farben was a cruciul component of creating the atrocities.  IG Farben was the largest single donor to Adolph Hitlers election campaign.  They even purchased concentration camp workers for experimentation and forced labor.  Its hard to think of a company that contributed more to the most horrible injustices in human history.

Bayer, which had been part of the Farben cinsortium was able to become its own independent corporation again.  Their recent acquisition of Monsanto (for $66B) is the final consumation of a long loving relationship between the two companies which included making poison gasses for both World Wars as well as providing agent orange during the Vietnam conflict, an action that is still causing birth defects in children today.   

Bayer is now in the process of rebranding Monsanto which includes renaming it.  The names change but the ideas stay the same.  Is it not remarkable that IG Farben was allowed to break up into ints original components after WWII. The company ran slave labor camps during the war and actively contributed to the atrocities at concentration camps by profiting from the sale of death gases.

If this website could consider itself the opposite of any other two organizations on Earth they could very well be Bayer and Monsanto.




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