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Biden was at UN week recently where he addressed the general assembly. The speech lasted over a half hour, and was delivered to an audience numbering in the hundreds. We know that Biden met with the general secretary of the U.N. as well as various world leaders during his visit to New York. It was his first such visit as president.

Biden also received his first Pfizer booster this past Monday, less than one week after his speech to the U.N. This would make UN week, the most vulnerable to covid period since receiving his initial Pfizer shot when he was president elect, December 21, 2020. His second dose was administered on January 11th of this year.

Here is the key question to ask. If Biden is nearly eighty, and is thought to be the most important citizen of the United States, why would he be in attendance of U.N. week, knowing the Pfizer shot is only 39% effective against the delta variant of Sars Cov-2 (as international health ministries have determined)? Especially when it had been nine months since he was initially vaccinated. We do not know how many people Biden was in close proximity to, but this was an event where precautions can not eliminate the possibility of infection.

Are federal health officials careless? Do they consider Biden expendable? Maybe it is more likely that Biden is taking harmless, natural prophylaxis. Perhaps the government is confident that, if he were to become infected, they have a 100% effective treatment plan based on data that is not publicly available. The government should feel that an 80 year old, protected only by 39% effective shots he received nine months prior, would be at considerable risk at a conference. There’s a lot to this situation that is being withheld, and it could be information that could help others protect themselves.

We were told at the beginning of this that the only way to bring cases close to zero was with wide distribution of an effective vaccine. We now know that the plan did not hold up. The biggest point is that the vaccine is not effective in that vaccinated people are still spreading covid and getting sick. The vaccine rollout has been a total disaster compared to what it was touted as. The trials did not accurately reflect the general population. And the control group in the Pfizer study was eventually vaccinated. That eliminated the accuracy of the entire study.

The general public is only being told enough information to be afraid and compliant. Nothing more can be revealed, otherwise it can effect public opinion. Imagine if a daily prophylactic cocktail was effective? That could save lives and That jeapordize the Emergency Use Authorization of mRNA shots.

There is mounting data on the capabilities of both prophylaxis and treatment for Covid-19. Joe Biden, as well as thousands of members of the ruling class, would be wise to take daily or weekly doses of a combination of drugs or natural compounds to keep themselves from getting ill. Especially in compounds with little to no historic side effects. But why is the public not even told to take vitamins C and D? Would it be spreading an atmosphere of false comfort?

This is the most knowledge ever being withheld from the vast majority of populations in developed nations. 3000 years ago, a citizen of Athens was said to have possessed the highest percentage of total knowledge ever. This is to say that books and stories could expose an Athenian to a higher percentage to all of the scientific knowledge we had at that time, compared to any other period in human history. We live in an age where the opposite is true. This latest mass dumbing down of society plan is currently around one hundred years old. Where we are now goes beyond manipulating people into drinking and watching sports with the time they are not at work. We are being withheld life saving information during the most crucial times. Social media giants are deleting the accounts of anyone who strays from the rules. Hundreds of anti mRNA shot doctors have been taken down from sites like Twitter and Facebook. A lopsided discussion where only one angle is allowed never ends up with a healthy society. ‘Fact Checkers’ are merely censors who can deem facts to be Hate speech.

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