GMO Timeline

It is important to note that this timeline merely represents press releases and is not an acurrate declaration of when milestones were reached in labs.

1935- Russian scientist Andrei Nikolaevich isolates DNA.1972- American biochemists Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen manually implant DNA from one organism into another (same type of bacteria).

1975- The Asilomar Conference establisher the first list of possible safe guidelines for the safe use of genetically engineered DNA.

1980- The Supreme Court decides a case that issues the first GMO patent. The Organism is a bacteria thought to be able to consume oil spills. 

1982- First FDA Approved GMO.  Humulin, is the first GMO commercially sold in the United States.

1991- US Department of Agriculture approves New Jersey based biotech company DNA Plant Technology testing of the Fish Tomato. 

1994- First GMO sold in U.S. grocery stores; the Flavr Savr tomato.  A longer shelf live due to its delayed ripening.

1996- First GMO resistant weeds.  Weeds found in Australia are 11 times more resistant to Glyphosate (herbicide) than normal weeds

1997- Labeling in Europe.  The European Union rules in favor of mandatory GMO labeling on food products (including animal food).

2000- Over 100 million acres are seeded with GMO in a planting milestone headed into the 21st century2003 The first genetically modified fish Glofish is introduced into the market in the U.S.

2001- BT Toxins in fetus.  BT toxins from insecticides used on plants are confirmed in Canada to be passed from Mother to Fetus.

2012- Landmark GMO court case; French farmer Paul Francois wins court case against Mansanto proving his crops were poisoned by Roundup Ready products

2016 – Labeling Law; President Obama signs bill requiring genetically modified foods be labeled as such. All of our products at Life, Not Labs are GMO free and deliver 100% of their vitamins via nature. We also purchase all of our ingredients here in the United States.

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