Fire Fauci is a very popular search term right now. This chart shows "fire fauci" searches on Google

Google searches of “Fire Fauci” are extremely high right now. It skyrocketed last week to five times higher than it has been over the last three months. It is interesting to see that “Fire Fauci” search interest is 50% higher in our capital than it is in any of our 50 states. Someone in our nation’s capital is currently 100 times more likely to search that term than someone in California. Are the heads of government finally ready to do the right thing?

The National Institute of Health now has a new director. Lawrence A. Tabak replaced Francis Collins less than a week before Christmas, and is officially Fauci’s boss. Tabek’s office phone number is 301-496-3976. and his email is

What do you think about Anthony Fauci’s job performance over the last couple years? Would you like to provide your opinion on his aptitude during the current pandemic? The above number and email are contact info for Anthony Fauci’s boss. No matter how much social media sharing or petition signing we do, no one is more responsible than Tabak for Fauci’s continued employment at the NIH. Congress is also residually responsible for NIH operations as it provides funding to these institutes.

Your tax dollars are also funding Fauci’s 400,000+ salary, which is the highest salary of any federal employee. His household income in 2020, a year where countless small businesses went under following unprecedented lockdowns and restrictions, was $1.7M. Here is a contact list of the people who Fauci works under-

Lawrence Tabak Acting Director, NIH Email (email works as on 1/22/22) Phone 301-496-3976 Linkedin Profile

Tara Schwetz: Acting Principal Deputy Director of the NIH Email: Phone: 301-496-2433 Linkedin Profile

Courtney Aklin: Acting Associate Deputy Director of the NIH. She manages the day-to-day operations for the Office of the NIH Director Email: (email works as of 1/22/22)Phone: 301-827-0196

US House of Representatives switchboard- (202) 224-3121 You can ask to speak with, or leave a message for your local Congressman.

House of Representatives Directory- Here is a list of every US Rep, along with their phone numbers, and other info including websites (email).

Find your local US representative by zip code-

This link has options for reporting concern over the conduct of NIH employees.-

Rep Greene- Fire Fauci Act

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