What Type Of Vitamins Questions Do You Have?

Where do you source your ingredients? We buy all of our ingredients from American vendors. Some are in the Catskills (beeswax), while others are on the West Coast. We buy from American vendors and producers from over a dozen different states. A lot of our organic ingredients come from California as that state has very strict purity rules.

What type of ingredients do you offer? All of our ingredients are either organic (most of our ingredients are organic) or Non-GMO food derived. This is because we use organic ingredients whenever possible. But sometimes an ingredient is not available as certified organic. This is where we make sure everything in this category is from an actual plant source, and non gmo. Our only non-plant vitamin ingredient our the omega-3 fish oils. These are all from ocean sourced fish. Not farmed.

How quickly do you ship? We try to get all of our orders out within two business days. Sometimes our orders go out same day, other times an order takes several days when we are extra busy. But every checkout cart has a notes section. If you need something extra fast, just tell us, and we’ll try our best to make it happen.

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