Vaccines are less effective against delta variant

The Sars Cov-2 Delta variant has become the dominant variant of Sars Cov-2 in many western, industrialized nations. President Biden’s vaccine mandate this week is very ironic to people who understand the way the virus works. He’s requiring people to receive mRNA shots that allow for a more deviated, infectious variant to infect them. Biden calls the current situation a ‘Pandemic of the unvaccinated.’ This is a completely inaccurate statement.

The periodic table of elements has not been political since it was last called the Mendeleev. It is true that the mRNA shots provided by Moderna and Pfizer were effective in lowering positive test results and hospitalizations from the original incarnations of Sars Cov-2. But what happens to that same population when a more deviated (7 mutations in the spike protein alone) variant such as Delta comes along? A vaccination program that targets very specific elements of a virus can allow for more cunning versions of it to infect those people, while also spreading faster through unvaccinated populations. Selective pressure has been known about for many decades, yet there was no media coverage of the significant possibility of this.

Think of the vaccinated population as a group of people living in a village with a higher levy or dam than the smaller dam an unvaccinated village next door has. Heavy rains can flood the unvaccinated village while the dammed village is protected. When a flood comes to the area and overflows both dams, both villages will suffer damage, but the unvaccinated village will be hit harder. That is what we have seen in places like Missisippi and Arkansas. The Delta flood ripped through its host/vaccinated populations and is now tearing through southern states more severely.

Understanding the way in which the Delta Variant came to dominate the west in 2021 requires simple subtraction. We saw nearly identical patterns in each nation that had an intense vaccine rollout. Cases saw a sharp decline once a good portion of the public received shots (many areas were even seeing declines before the first regional jab). This was followed by several months of very few cases, then an explosion of cases during a period of the year corona cases are usually at or around their lowest.

If Pfizer’s vaccine is 95% effective against one strain, but only 39% effective against Delta (according to Israel’s Health Ministry), what you are left with is a new dominant strain killing people instead of the old one. There is far less competition if the vaccinated portion of the population is incapable of being infected by the initial strain. Israel also says vaccinated people who contract Delta are less likely to get severe cases. This ,means asymptomatic people can spread the virus without even knowing it. A double edged sword. A variant can get around the vaccine with spike protein mutations, and sustain inside of carriers who are unaware that they are contagious.

This vaccination program is a complete failure, it has only succeeded in wiping out the original variant. .. Booster shots are now being given to keep the cycle in motion. If another variant emerges, these boosters will only prove that the function of these additional shots is to turn the human population into biological ATMs. With more children testing positive from Delta than the original strain, we see that the future of humanity is not being prioritized.

The intense delta wave is the result of a botched vaccine rollout. This article does not claim the the Delta variant was caused by the vaccines, but rather vaccines being effective against the initial strain, and not Delta, assisted the new variant in becoming close to 100% of all new cases in many highly vaccinated populations. A successful vaccine rollout would have eliminated all strains, and should have only been deployed in areas not yet effected by the pandemic.

As this blog has been illustrating since the beginning of the outbreak, prophylaxis provided to the general public, paired with outpatient treatments, could have prevented a large portion of the deaths we have experienced. Throughout most of the pandemic, positive cases were given no vitamins or medicines to take. They were told to only seek hospital admission if their lips began to turn blue. What was the downside to providing free multivitamins to Americans? Basic, generic multivitamins consisting of C, D and a few other basics would be between five and ten dollars monthly per person. Many studies show vitamin D levels are directly correlated to mortality rates. Outpatient treatments, including monoclonal antibodies and bronchial dilators like Albuterol, have positive data in early-stage intervention.

Why are diet and exercise not being discussed? Where is logical leadership? If Ronald Reagan had been president at any time during the pandemic, he may well have told Americans to put down the fork and go for a brisk walk every night. 78% of Covid 19 hospital admissions were obese people. Instead of constantly pointing this out, we live in an eggshell era where ‘Big is Beautiful.’ This delusion is killing people. The public needs to know that with a few less calories and a few more steps daily, people can bring themselves to a safer statistical place. Friday, March 13th, 2020 is remembered as a key date where everything starting shutting down in the states. If an obese person had started losing just an ounce daily on that date, they would be down over 35 pounds as of late September 2021.

The main issue with this blog over the past 18 months has been censorship. It began in March 2020 when I wrote several articles pointing out that communist China intentionally spread the virus to other countries. By grounding domestic flights in and out of Wuhan, while allowing international flights to the city, communist China made a direct effort to distribute the balance of global infections away from their own citizens. They protected their own population while killing and infecting Americans in the hopes of casting blame away from dangerous experiments being conducted at the Wuhan institute of virology. This blog’s lab leak articles were banned from social media throughout 2020. Knowledge of the vaccine accelerating the rise of Delta is the latest suppressed truth.

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