New York Coronavirus Deaths

After positive numbers the past couple days it is sad to report that New York has topped its Tuesday record number of 114 COVID-19 deaths. As of 930pm est 3.27.20 the daily total for the state is at 140. The previous record was this past Tuesday when the one day total was three quarters as high as for the preceding month.

The death rate for COVID-19 patients is down since Tuesday overall though. Tuesday, the case total to daily death ratio was 231. Wednesday and Thursday had ratios of 347 and 390 respectively. The ratio for Friday is currently 340 as of 930pm. It is important to point out a few things here. These daily totals can reflect deaths that occurred earlier in the week. New York has had one of its worst weeks in history which included deaths of medical personnel themselves. We are hoping to see the states numbers decrease in the coming week. Tuesday’s death just was incredible and was almost as high as the previous time before it. Lets look at the growth if it had continued as such (and this is where our optimism comes from). The 114 deaths that day were nearly 73% of the previous weeks leading up to it. If that progression continued until today, we would have this.

Daily Deaths Total Deaths

Wednesday 197 468

Thursday 340 808

Friday 587 1395

It seems that although today will have the most deaths it is still an indication that the death rate for patients has decreased since its high on Tuesday.

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