Covid Cases are dropping and things should be returning to normal soon. Photo by Bayu Jefri from Pexels

The United Kingdom became the first country to approve Merck’s covid pill for people who test positive. The new drug, molnupiravir, was approved November 4th, and has been widely distributed throughout the U.K. for over three weeks. The numbers so far look great, with daily death average rates dropping, even as daily cases rise.

As we had mentioned the spring, Merck, the company that created Ivermectin, called their 40 year old drug unsafe. This statement was made regarding a drug that contributed to around 40 deaths with over four billion doses having been taken. The drug has saved millions of lives and is used to battle many diseases, especially malaria. Many scientists and doctors believe it is effective, especially in a prophylactic dose, to fight Sars-Cov-2.

Calling Ivermectin ‘unsafe’ is worse than calling for the closing of every beach on Earth because of shark attacks. Ivermectin has killed one person a year, with hundreds of millions of doses distributed annually. Merck needed Ivermectin to be ineffective against Sars Cov-2 because other drugs would not be able to receive EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) if a repurposed drug was shown to be effective.

We can move past some of the malevolent motives of Big Pharma if lives can be saved with effective drugs (though they must be investigated for throwing ivermectin under the bus). From the beginning of the pandemic, this website has believed that the key to eradicating Sars-Cov -2 included prophylaxis and early therapeutics for those who test positive. The leaders of the WHO and western nations have been fighting these avenues for over 18 months. But one product is now on the market, and this week should indicate if it is working. The numbers over the last 23 days have been good. If we are still experiencing a drop in daily UK deaths Friday (12/3), it will statistically indicate the drug is working.

Since molnupiravir was approved in the U.K, the nation has seen an 11% increase in daily cases over the last 24 days (11/4-11/28). During that same time, the seven day average death toll has dropped by 29%. The longer this abnormality continues, the more certain we can be that the drug is helping.

This website knows that Prophylaxis and early treatment was always the answer to solving the pandemic problem. It was right to be optimistic in spring 2020 that a serious worldwide vitamin rollout would cut the case rate in half. Worldwide protocols included aspirin and intubation as treatments. Telling patients not to do anything until their lips started to become blue. If we had allowed for serious protocols, including the use of Regeneron monoclonal antibodies, we would have seen far less deaths than we are seeing in the west. Instead, industrialized governments chose to impose lockdowns and rules to fight a virus that was going to spread through the population regardless. They also had us wait an entire year for a vaccine rollout that, at best, would only be useful to a population that had not yet experienced an outbreak.

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