Thin countries have lower Covid-19 mortality rates

This article will go over the amount of deaths in countries with the lowest body fat percentages. An argument can be made that some of these countries are remote and not near where the virus started, but countries like Vietnam and Taiwan are right next to China and have virtually no deaths among their extremely thin populations. They’ve lost one in several million residents each from this virus and have obesity rates less than one tenth that of the United States. These obesity rankings are pulled from the CIA’s official website..

  1. Vietnam (2.1%) To put this in perspective, if Vietnam were the size of the United States, its obese population would all be able to live in Miami! There are virtually zero morbidly obese people living in this country and their death rate reflects this. They are a country of nearly 100 million people and have had only 35 deaths from Covid-19. There are more obese American than there are Vietnamese citizens.
  2. Bangladesh (3.6%) One of the largest countries on Earth by population, it has lost less than five thousand citizens to Covid. The death rate in this country is less than one twentieth that of the United States (.003% of their population).
  3. East Timor (3..8%) Although this country recorded its first case over six months ago, it has still not lost a single resident to Covid-19. This entire country does not have enough obese citizens to fill Yankee Stadium (The United States has enough obese people to fill over 1500 Yankee Stadiums).
  4. Cambodia (3.9%) Cambodia has 17 million residents and has not yet recorded a single death from Covid 19.

With a combined population of 271.5 million people, these four countries have recorded a total of less than five thousand deaths (one in 55,000 residents, verses 1 in 3184 here in the U.S.). As you move further down the list there are some higher death rates among the top 20 thinnest countries on Earth (India has 86,000 deaths) but none of them has one tenth the death rate of the United States.

These death rates get even more exponential when you factor in morbidly obese rates (obese translates to a body mass index of 30 or higher while the threshold for morbidly obese is 40). Japanese adults have the lowest BMIs of all high-income countries, while American adults had the highest BMIs. And the Covid death rate is over 50 times higher in the USA than in Japan. Additionally, Japan’s population is on average five years older than that of the U.S. The scariest fact in analyzing BMI by country is the fact that more than half the world’s morbidly obese population lives in the United States. Which reinforces the fact that the leading cause of death in this country is glutony. While it is fair to say that some of the thinnest countries in the world may have governments known for supressing real data (Vienman and Cambodia), there is a clear consistency with thinner countries from all parts of the world having lower Covid death rates than the rest of the world on average. Many low BMI countries in Africa recorded their first Covid-19 cases in March but have only lost a handful of citizens six months later.


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