Aging has been tough on me. Since I reached the age of 35, I’ve noticed that my testosterone levels are depleting with every new day. I try to change my diet by buying the expensive foods that are supposed to be good for me, and yet I started gaining weight and feeling awful. At this rate, I would become more depressed knowing that as I progressed through life there wouldn’t be much I could do to combat the effects of aging.

Then, one day, my friend told me about plant-based Citrulline as opposed to eating watermelons all the time. I did the research and found that my supplier of vitamins and chlorella, at, also sold plant-based citrulline; so I purchased it with the hopes of maintaing my all-natural supplement intake. My hopes were high, but I was still skeptical based on the large market of very expensive products reaching in excess of $150/month supply.

I received the package in the mail very quickly. Just as fast as I opened the packaged, I also opened the bottle and took the recommended dose with a half of a protein shake. Within 10 minutes I felt naturally inspired to start working out. I thought this must be the citrulline taking effect. Instead of working out, I decided to mow the lawn-which takes me all day by pushmower. It takes so long because of all the breaks I need to take. But not this time, I mowed the lawn in only one shot; no breaks, and it only took a few hours. I couldn’t believe the real time results I started to exhibit.

Furthermore, when I completed mowing my lawn, I was looking for something else to do, besides watching the television. I couldn’t believe I had the energy to take advantage of, so I started ripping up the rotted wood on my deck out back. I must’ve removed the whole damn porch because I had nearly nothing left to stand on. Also, I went to the nearest lumber yard to purchase more 2×4’s for tomorrow’s project of fixing the deck. Miraculously, I ended up laying down the new wood and nailing each of the pieces in place. I was very surprised I had fulfilled my day completely with exercise.

It’s been 45 days now, since I started adding citrulline to my diet. I hope that according to the before and after photo of myself you’ll notice that I’ve been able to shred fat, gain lean muscle, and you’ll never believe what my new girlfriend has to say about the last 45 days. Without getting too explicit, and maintaining my private life, she has been extraordinarily happy with our sex life. We went from just having sex at night, to having sex several times a day, if our schedules permit the opportunity. Sometimes, she wants it so badly that I have to drive to where she is to fulfill her deepest fantasies.

You see, it’s not just that I look and feel better about myself; citrulline as done something to my confidence, yes. But it’s that I know I’m adding something special to my body every day, and that it’s all-natural and from the earth. Since adding the citrulline to my life, I’ve noticed that I not only had the stamina to please my girlfriend, but I’ve also torn up my porch, rebuilt it, scraped the side of my house, painted it, cleaned the garage, and etc. etc.

The bottom line is this process of adding plant-based citrulline has been a God-send. Thank you for changing my life, lifestyle, and helping me perfect the theory of a positive mental attitude. I can now see clearly that I have the ability to slow down the effects of aging, and I’m loving every minute

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