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Chlorophyll is to a healthy person as blood is to a vampire.  A vampire may be fictional but the analogy is astoundingly accurate on a molecular level.  The photo above shows a hemoglobin molecule next to that of chlorophyll.  These two molecules are astoundingly similar and perform similar functions in entirely different groups of organisms. One is built around magnesium (Mg) while the other centers around Iron (Fe).  Lets compare one primary function of the two.

  • Hemoglobin- the iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloprotein in the red blood cells of all vertebrates (with the exception of the fish family Channichthyidae) as well as the tissues of some invertebrates. Hemoglobin in the blood carries oxygen from the respiratory organs (lungs or gills) to the rest of the body (i.e. the tissues). There it releases the oxygen to permit aerobic respiration to provide energy to power the functions of the organism in the process called metabolism
  • Chlorophyll- A main function is to transfer H+ electrons by resonance transfer across thylakoid membranes to assist in energy transfer.

     The overall function of chlorophyll itself is actually much more essential as it is crucial to the absorption of light that is then converted into energy but one of its main uses is in the transfer of energy throughout the plant. 
    In the human body chlorophyll is crucial in regulating blood sugar levels and therefore controlling sugar cravings.  It also binds with toxins and carcinogens to remove them from the bodies.  These two factors are major reasons why chlorophyll rich foods contribute to both higher energy and pH levels.  Another major reason for realizing the vampire analogy is the increased sun susceptibility when consuming high doses of chlorophyll.  It makes humans more prone to sun exposure and from my experience creates the ability to see better in low light.  A true vampire correlation that is just a coincidence but intriguing nonetheless.  Our Certified Organic Chlorella Tablets contain the highest chlorophyll content found in nature; immune support, pH boosting, energy level raising supplements made entirely by nature.  All of our products are available with the mission of providing nutrients as they exist in nature using earths strongest sources.

Young Blood, Big Money in Silicon Valley

 Centuries ago Eastern Europe produced several characters that would inspire the creation of the modern day vampire. The most prolific being Vlad the Impailer, a real historical figure upon who Count Dracula is based.  Elizabeth Bathory, AKA The Blood Drinking Queen was a murderous Hungarian Noblewoman and known to both bath in and drink the blood of young victims to retain her youth and beauty. 

   Film series such as twilight have turned the intrigue of people remaining young from drinking blood into a billion dollar business“In cinema and literature, vampirism is big money; And today a  silicon valley start up company is currently injecting clients 35 and over with the blood of under 25 donors.  The company, Ambrosia is charging $8,000 for the procedure and is currently reported to have over 100 clients.   

   Multi-billionaire Peter Theil among others have been very interested in receiving the procedure but the debate rages on as to whether or not it is effective.  There were experiments.  The CEO of Ambrosia, Jesse Karmizan has stated “Whatever is in young blood is causing changes that appear to make the aging process reverse.” Though earlier experiments have concluded that giving the blood of young mice to older ones have resulted in this, no further official studies have been able to yield similar results. A scientist performing these studies, Tony Wyss- Coray has stated “There’s just no clinical evidence (that the treatment will be beneficial), and you are basically abusing peoples trust and the public excitement about this,”

   These studies are pertinent to the goal of this website.  Our first/flagship product chlorella has the highest chlorophyll content found in nature.  Chlorophyll in plants is the equivalent of hemoglobin in blood.  The two molecules a virtually identical with the only difference being that chlorophyll is built around a magnesium atom while hemoglobin is built around iron.. Chlorophyll is the blood of plants, and an extremely alkaline equivalent at that.  This helps make Chlorella natures perfect food; a vampire blood for vegans.   

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