Chlorella is the greenest food on earth

  Internet interest in Chlorella has more than doubled in the past three years.  Some indicators of that are Google Adwords and Facebook (more than twice as many people are now interested in chlorella on Facebook than even two years ago).  During this same time frame there has also been a shift in the way google guides the user when looking for information on chlorella.  Currently typing the word chlorella on this search engine produces the first paired word of “Dangers”

   The question is simple; why is this the search term Google first produces when typing in the name of the most complete super food source on Earth?  There are two strong possible reasons.  The first being that the search engine is trying to portray chlorella in a bad light.  The second and more likely reason is that the general awareness of chlorella has been transfered to such a mainstream population that a record number of Americans are researching it as a possible health supplement.  Americans are as a whole very new to the idea of algae sources as supplements.  Some people might be afraid of trying it as a lot of us still equate algae with a dirty pool.

   When I first started taking chlorella about seven years ago it was a scarcely known dietary supplement here in the United States.   Most people familiar with it were nutritionists as well as strict vegans who knew of it as a strong source of protein and other essential nutrients.  At that time it was also estimated that more than one third of all Japanese citizens consumed chlorella at least once a week.  Chlorella was internationally known but much more in Asia.

   When taking any dietary supplement it is good to ease into the suggested daily amount.  Our recommended daily dose is eight easy to swallow 250mg tablets (2000mg total).  Anyone trying our chlorella for the first time should start off taking one tablet the first day, two the second and so forth in order to avoid any possible side effects.  Always consult a health care professional with any questions about starting a new supplement.  Organic Chlorella Tablets are our flagship product because we believe this single-celled algae is the most complete super food on Earth.  Each daily dose contains 62% protein and most of the daily recommended dose of vitamin A.  It is also regarded as a great detoxifier as it helps remove heavy metals and other harmful substances from the body.  This supplement is also helpful it maintaining alkalinity in the body.  Our chlorella also has the highest certifications available including that of the CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers).

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