Chlorella’s; Count Dracula’s Methadone

The title of this article is a joke to refer to a possible scenario where Count Dracula would have to survive on something other than blood but the similarity between these two molecules is fascinating.  The image in this article shows a molecule of heme (component of hemoglobin) next to that of chlorophyll.  The two molecules are nearly identical apart from the Heme molecule being built around an Iron atom while chlorophyll is built around magnesium.  As a result, Hemoglobin gives blood its red tint while chlorophyll creates the green appearance of plants.  

Hemoglobin in red blood cells is responsible for carrying oxygen from the lungs or gills of most verterbrae to the rest of the body where it releases oxygen to permit aerobic respiration.  This provides energy which powers the function of metabolism in the body.  A healthy human has between 12 and 16 grams of hemoglobin per every 100ml of blood.  An intensely red substance in our circulatory system that is vital to living.

Chlorophyll takes energy from the sun and and transfers it into a more physical energy via the vibration and transfer of electrons.  This transfer is one of the main drivers of life and is perhaps the most astounding function of any cell, compound or organism on the planet.  Chlorophyll was first discovered by French Chemists/Pharmacists Joseph Bienaime Caventou and Peirre Joseph Pelletier in 1817.  Nearly a century later, in 1906 magnesium was discovered to be at the center of this molecule.  This was also the first time magnesium was detected in any living tissue.  

While these two molecules have different functions in the body they are both extremely important to the survival of the respective organisms.  We chose Chlorella to be our first/flagship product at as it is the most Chlorophyll-rich substance in nature and therefore Earth’s greenest food.  at 62% Protein and rich in cruciul vitamins such as A and C, we consider it natures most complete food as well.  Our Organic Chlorella Tablets are of the highest quality; both certified USDA organic and also by CCOF; California certified Organic Farmers.

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