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March 16, 2019- I’m revisiting this earlier article while currently studying the effects of taking similar doses of organic spirulina tablets this month.  Chlorella and Spirulina are two of the highest alkaline super foods around.  I honestly do not prefer one greatly over the other- What’s important is that many people have extremely acidic diets and these two algae are pound for pound as alkaline as anything. This alkalinity helps such diets maintain pH balance.           

Originally written 12.1.15  I can easily declare this current two plus years of taking chlorella to be the healthiest period of my life.  It has included stretches during which I have lived on this one food for days at a time as well as periods where I have avoided it entirely to witness the effects of not having it in my system.  Here are my observations-Periods of 7-30 days of taking 2 grams (this is the recommended daily dose of Organic cracked-wall Chlorella Tablets)-Higher energy; a lot of this has to do with chlorella’s ability to remove  toxins from the body; it acts like a reverse hangover and some studies have actually shown several grams of chlorella to cure side effects of  drinking.  Chlorella is also very rich in natural -B-12.  Most commercial B-12 is made using cyanide and is a far less absorbable form of the nutrient.-Better Digestion; Taking chlorella has included my first  significant adult life stretches without heartburn.  Taking 2 grams per day has ended the need to have antacids in my medicine chest.-No Cold or Flu symptoms; Chlorella is a natural multivitamin.  The extremely high rates of Natural Chlorophyll, Beta Carotene, and other vitamins are  extremely important to the immune system. (over two years without so  much as a sniffle)-Clearer Skin; Daily use of Chlorella gives the body 24/7 toxin removal  support. Pimples are at most a once a year occurrence now.Periods of three or more days consuming at least 30 grams daily-Appetite suppressant;  100 grams of chlorella only contains around 420  calories but it contains at least 100% of our daily recommended intakes of  protein and most vitamins.  It is an extremely efficient food when it  comes to fulfilling nutritional requirement.   Chlorella contains the fullest  calories in nature.  I like to hypothesize that this has a lot to due with our  initial diet when we were first becoming multicellular in water.  Food flowed through us and our ancestors relied on floating nutrition to survive.-Increased Energy; Every 17 grams of chlorella contains over one gram of  natural arginine.  This is an extremely high amount; Chlorella contains  more than twice the amount of protein of meat, fish or poultry !  Arginine  is an essential amino acid and crucial for maintaining nitric oxide levels in the blood.Periods of three days without ChlorellaLess Energy; Clearly, chlorella is providing me with many vitamins and  essential amino acids I need to consume constantly.  I feel increasingly run down with every consecutive day not taking it.Return of indigestion;  My digestive track is clearly getting significant  support from just 2 grams of chlorella daily.  Again, this is a 100% correlation..


Chlorella is what I believe to be the perfect food.  I also feel our formation of early nutrition is a direct result of consuming similar algae around one billion years ago.  My study has ended and this means I will be consuming at least 2 grams of our Organic Organic Chlorella Tablets daily for overall immune support and energy.  It is the most extensively tested chlorella on the market (Certified USDA as well as CCOF Organic).  I rely on it and have given it to friends, family and even pets for overall health and immune support. 

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