Chlorella Sale 2020

Life, Not Labs is currently offering a one third off sale for the beginning of 2020 in order to spread awareness of our Organic Chlorella Tablets. These tablets have the highest certification available for Chlorella. Some leading brands sell their Chlorella for twice what we do and they do not even have top level organic certification (CCOF). CCOF, California Certified Organic Farmers is a class of organic certification above any other. Chlorella is nature’s perfect food and one of the main reasons this website was started was to spread awareness of the countless benefits of it. Our unit price has just been lowered to only $12.99 a bottle (from $19). Most leading brands sell the same amount for twice as much.

Our Chlorella comes in easy to take 250 milligram tablets with no aftertaste. Perhaps the only downside of Chlorella itself is its taste and there is absolutely no unpleasant odor or taste to our tablets. We recommend 8 tablets daily so a 240 count bottle contains a one month supply. Many competitors sell identical or inferior Chlorella at twice the markup because they believe in charging a high premium for a product they are not going to move much of. Anyone who knows the benefits of Chlorella is one giant step ahead of the average person nutritionally as over 95% of Americans have never even heard of it. Compare that to a country like Japan where literally one third of the population takes Chlorella at least weekly!

We sell our Organic Chlorella Tablets at an affordable price (just a nickel a tablet) because we want everyone to be able to take it daily. Why not make a hundred dollars helping fifty people become healthier than 8? One true example of the clique ‘which came first’ line is that chlorella came before us because complex life forms needed complete nutrition like this to healp us become what we are today. When organisms were first becoming multicellular (sponges) nutrition flowed through us.

Try our Organic Chlorella Tablets today and begin to experience what is gram for gram the most nutrient rich super food in the world.

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