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Here is a sample of chlorella reviews submitted by customers. Our Organic Chlorella Tablets have the highest Organic Certification on the market. This CCOF certification (California Certified Organic Farmers) has even stricter guidelines than that of the USDA. I take this product every day and recommend it to anyone looking to add a super-green nutrient to their daily diet. These 250 mg tablets go down easy with no aftertaste. And this is exactly what someone had to say about it last month on New Years Day-

Hazel (5 out of 5 stars) ‘Great product, this chlorella comes is small 250mg tablets with no taste. Feel great after taking them, another brand made me feel nauseous. Very high quality chlorella that I’ve been taking for several months now’

Here is another review from several weeks before that (11/29/19). This customer point out that other brands offering the same certification cost twice as much. I have been out west to tour CCOF facilities and it is an extreme privilege to be able to sell such a high quality product. If you can find another company offering this level chlorella at a better price, let me know and I’ll beat it (but that deal as of today doesn’t exist.

Tess  (5 out of 5 stars) ‘I strongly recommend this firm of chlorella! Any other form of this with the same certification costs twice as much. The tablets are smooth too. They are easy to swallow as most chlorella tablets have a rough, chalky outside. I rely on these tablets in the winter. Great value’

Finally, this is a review from earlier in the fall (submitted 10/2/19). There are plenty of other five star reviews on the product page itself, but we just wanted to point out the customer satisfaction level we provide. This customer had many reasons for wanting our chlorella, and the product met expectations on all fronts.

Sue (5 out of 5 stars) ‘I’ve been taking this for a few months and it really works. Much smoother than other Chlorella tablets; both in texture and for digestion. I started taking it for several reasons; vitamins, bad breathe etc and like this one best’

Our chlorella tablets have overwhelmingly positive feedback and we cherish our organic supplier providing a small operation like us the ability to distribute it. Check out our Organic Chlorella Tablet page and find many more positive reviews for other products in our shop

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