Chlorella Health Benefits

Chlorella is a fresh water single-celled blue green algae with an amazing array of nutrients including coratonoids chlorophyll, minerals, fatty acids and all eight essential amino acids. Chlorella is an excellent source of protein which comprises over 60% of its weight.  It has an extremely high B vitamin content (including B-12) and is very rich in beta carotene.  
   One of the most significant benefits of chlorella is its ability to boost our immune system.  It also helps to lower blood sugar as well as serum colesteral levels. Recent research suggests it may help with weight loss. It is even helpful to balance the pH level in the gut which in turn helps probiotics thrive.  
    Chlorella also contains multiple nutrients that benefit vision; both the aforementioned beta carotene as well as another carotenoid, Lutein.  Lutein is known for contributing to eye health, and may help prevent oxidative damage to the eyes.  In addition to the strongest chlorophyll (detoxifier) content of any source in nature, the cellular wall of chlorella has the ability to bind to heavy metals and extract them from the body.  
   All of our chlorella has a broken cell wall for maximum absorption and is certified organic by both the USDA and Certified California Organic Farmers.  Our Organic Chlorella Tablets come in packages of 240 count 250mg tablets and the recommended daily dose is eight tablets.  This is a low dose recommendation to ensure daily consumption (some complain about nasea from high levels/over two grams, so you can start with just one 250mg tablet daily to be safe and then increase).


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