Chlorella for hangovers

Chlorella is literally the greenest most chlorophyll packed substance on Earth.  Based on its abundance of nutrients and antioxidants it is easy to see that it would be ideal for preventing hangovers.  The earliest research on the effects of chlorella on hangovers was in 1996 at the Sapporo Medical University in Japan.   This study determined that consuming five grams of chlorella two hours before an evening of drinking lowered the effects of a hangover in 96% of participants.  By doing this before drinking one is loading the liver as well as the cardiovascular system with many nutrients that are depleted by the effects of alcohol.  For example the antioxidants counteract the free radicals in the alcohol. 

Chlorella is also rich in magnesium which is known for its ability to rid the body of many toxins.   I have tried this exact amount using our Organic Chlorella Tablets and have felt the benefits myself.  Five grams is a massive abundance of many nutrients and is far greater than the daily recommended allowances of important vitamins such as beta carotene and B-12.  The simplest explanation is usually the right one and consuming this billion year old algae with all of its super nutrients is a lot more straightforward than all of these energy drinks and pills offering a hangover cure while delivering many ingredients that the consumer can not pronounce.  There are twelve of these hangover cure amounts (ten tablets per hangover according to the study)  in each packet of our 240 count 250mg Organic Chlorella Tablets.  Our Chlorella tablets are both USDA and CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) certified organic.Not drinking at all is the best prevention of a hangover but these green tablets offer a sound preemptive strike.  Taking our chlorella for hangovers breaks down to just under a dollar per nightly dose. 

Chlorella is a single cell blue green algae that lives in fresh water and is one of the oldest life forms on earth. It is circular in shape and contains a round cell wall. Chlorella is actually the greenest species on the planet because it has the highest concentration of chlorophyll found anywhere. Because it is so dense with chlorophyll it also processes carbon out of the Earth’s atmosphere at a faster pound for pound rate than anything else on Earth. NASA in fact declared it to be the perfect organism to send into space partly because of this reason.

NASA also found chlorella to be the perfect food source as it contains around 60% protein with the remaining portion being extremely high in nutrients such as magnesium (which chlorophyll is built around) and vitamin beta carotene for example. It also has one of the highest concentrations of DNA of any organism and possesses the ability to multiply several times daily. Chlorella is important in its natural habitat because it acts as natures little water purifier in many ways.

Chlorella has been around since our ancestors were literally sponges! Therefore chlorella and other algae would have provided perfect nutrition as our ancestors were initially becoming multi-cellular organisms. Nutrition flowed through these sponges as opposed to modern times where their descendents, humans need to ingest nutrition. Chlorella was easier to have daily when it literally went through the organisms consuming it. Most Chlorella that is consumed as a supplement today is taken in tablets and is very popular in countries such as Japan where one third of the entire population consumes chlorella at least weekly.

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