chlorophyll and health

A heme molecule is virtually identical to that of chlorophyll.  They serve very similar purposes as well although with respect to extremely different organisms.  Hemoglobin transports oxygen throughout a primate while chlorophyll transports oxygen throughout plants.  It is one of the greatest similarities between us and our vastly different cohabitants of earth.  Chlorophyll is built around magnesium while hemoglobin is built around iron.  Otherwise, the two molecules are virtually identical.

   Chlorophyll also exhibits the green portion of the light spectrum through the green color it gives plants.  Chlorella is our flagship/best selling product because it literally contains the highest levels of chlorophyll; thus making it the most alkaline nutrient on the planet.  Many studies have shown the link between acidity in the body and cancer.  Although there has been an ongoing debate for years over weather cancer is caused by the acidity itself; this is a fact- cancer thrives in a higher acidity climate.  Acidity levels themselves in the human body are all relative (ie you need a ph level between 1.5 and 3.5) but studies show the benefits of higher ph levels in fighting cancer (1). 

    Chlorella also consistently shows to have great antioxidant qualities.  One study (2) shows a six week study of male smokers taking a small amount of chlorella daily to have a nearly 50% jump in plasma vitamin C.   This billion year old algae is perhaps the greatest single nutrient in the history of our planet.  We at look at it this way; when our ancient ancestors first started to become multicellular, we were basically early sponges.  Nutrients flowed through us before we obtained the ability to select food.  Algae in our living space became the basic building blocks for what we now consider perfect nutrition.  Chlorella contains a near perfect cross section of a balanced diet; A better diet than paleo would be the Proterozoic.  Try our high quality Organic Chlorella Tablets for a month and feel the health benefits



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