Chlorella has many health benefits and is extremely popular in southern states

After a year of having several quality supplements on the market the most interesting statistic has been the amount of people buying chlorella in southern states.  At one point 40% of our Organic Chlorella Tablets were being mailed to Florida alone.  Population is only a minor factor in this.  In fact, an overwhelming majority of chlorella orders have gone to Virginia and beyond; with gulf states showing a huge interest when considering population. I’ve actually developed an equation using latitude as a variable that is somewhat pertinent to who is a potential buyer;  Chl = 2(-1(Lat)+1)-.75  meaning the propensity for someone in Canada living in a latitude of 50N would score a .25 while someone in southern Florida living at 25N might score at .75.  This would give a random person living down south three times the likelihood of buying chlorella which is pretty much the case.  There are a lot of flaws in this formula (i.e extreme latitudes) but it is at least somewhat musing and is fairly accurate for people living in the continental United States. But this equation can also be fairly accurate to what portion of the year someone is able to go out in a bathing suit.  Chlorella is popular anywhere people need to look their best year roundSo I guess overall my other biggest correlation is healthy cities.  If you look up a list of the top ten healthiest cities in the U.S. it holds as a key to certain areas more likely to buy the greatest nutritional super food on Earth.  We have a consistent client base out of areas known to be the healthiest in the country. Organic Chlorella Tablets $11.99/120 count/Free Shipping

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