Catskills Gold Beeswax Lip Balm

They say a good product sells itself and after presenting samples to store owners throughout this past December I can safely say that this rule pertains to Catskills Gold.  Made with the highest quality ingredients, our new lip balm has become a proprietor favorite with many store owners using the product daily.  A large number of them have declared it to be the best lip balm they have ever used. 

  The results were phenomenal.  This product has made its way into 100 fine stores in its first 100 days on the market.  The secret to this product is the utmost respect for the customer’s lips.  Most lip balms contain ingredients that dry lips, feuling the exact situation the consumer is hoping to get relief from.  The need to drive sales and revenue prompts the manufacturer to produce something that will exacerbate the situation and keep the client on the hook indefinitely.  We here at see this as an opportunity for both heavy market penetration and a great deal of lip relief to our consumers.  Our three ingredients cover all areas; 1) Local Catskills beeswax to protect the lips and offer natural antibacterial qualities, 2) Shea Butter to moisturize damaged lips and 3) Vitamin E to restore lips with amazing antioxidant qualities.

    Catskills Gold is now available at fine organic/supplement stores throughout the Northeast and is also available with free shipping in our store in single or 5 packs

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