Upstate New York Lip Balm

All of our beeswax comes from local Catskill Mountain Region beekeepers and our balm has a very faint honey smell.  Unlike other lip balms, our odor comes from nature, not chemicals.  The hive is the only factory!  

Shea Butter For Lips

Shea butter is an ivory or sometimes yellowish extract from the nut of the African Shea Tree.  It is a fat that is currently very popular in cosmetics here in the United States.  But just as 99% of vitamins sold here are syntheric and made using chemicals, so is the shea butter market.  Virtually all shea butter products from soaps to moisturizers contain additional ingredients that are usually man-made and have side effects that virtually always include dryness. The earliest known user of shea butter was Cleopatra.  She used it for cosmetic and moisturizing purposes.  Records indicate that she kept the valuable substance in glass jars. 

Additionally, shea butter has been a high end commodity throughout Africa for thousands of years as a skin and hair moisturizer to counteract the extreme heat, wind and dryness of the desert and low latitudes.  It is just as effective in the harsh winters of the Unitied States. Our Catskills Gold Lip Balm (Available on our site since summer 2016) is a safe, effective natural alternative to a synthetic market lip drying chemicals.  These ingredients cause dryness. Some leading brands contain several of them.

  • Salicylic acid
  • Menthol
  • Phenol
  • Camphor
  • Alcohol

All of these ingredients are red flags and some of the leading brands contain most of them.  Other ingredients such as aloe butter have also been known to irritate lips while silicone oil can actually lock out moisture.  Take a look at the ingredients in a leading brand and it will read as a group of substances to not trust for moisturizing your lips.  The Mayo Clinic flat out tells readers to avoid flavored lip balm

Real Beeswax Lip Balm

Our Catskills Gold Lip Balm is 100% organic and has been trusted for thousands of years.  I use it as an overall face moisturizer as well because the stick is quick and easy to use.  Instant moisturizer on the go with no harmful chemicals.People would not use a tooth whitener that creates a lighter color that is really causing decay, so why do they use a lip balm that causes the condition it is claiming to fix?  Branding and distribution monopolies.  Fortunately we live in an age of increasing natural alternatives.

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