Summer Solstice And Milankovitch Cycles

June 21, 1019 11:52AM Est- Milutan Milankovic was an extraordinary scientist who helped put both planetary movements and seasons into perspective.  He came up with the “Canon of the Earth’s Insolation.” This characterizes the climate of each planet in our solar system. This idea has been further backed by science in the century he came …

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milankovitch cycles

Obesity Rates and Covid Death Correlation is Exponential

There is a lot of talk about how people who are obese are twice as likely to die of the virus, but when you look at the numbers of low and high BMI nations next to each other it seems like a much more severe incidence rate.

Obesity And Coronavirus Deaths

The 3 Best Lip Balm Ingredients

Our Beeswax Lip Balm, Catskills Gold has just three ingredients in it because they cover all bases in helping your lips stay moist while avoiding many other ingredients common in leading products that can actually damage and or dry lips out.     Shea butter is perhaps the longest successfully tested moisturizer on the planet; especially in Africa …

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Best Beeswax Ingredients

Better Bug Spray From Nature

Our Plant Based insect repellent is now at the height of its second season and the feedback has been overwhelming positive.  I’ve been using this recipe for years and it has kept me safe during the heavy seasons of both ticks and mosquitoes.    It is very exciting to hear positive feedback from people who work full …

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Plant Based Insect Repellent

Air Quality In Homes As Bad As In Major Cities

 A persons home is their sanctuary.  Be it an apartment or a spacious farm, ones living area is a place to relax and perhaps spend a majority of ones time.  The average person spends around one third of their lives just sleeping at home.  The vast majority of the air a person breaths is from …

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Air In Homes Can Be More Polluted than in cities
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